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Young and Corona do it AGAIN! The Me You Love In the Dark #2 Review

I just finished issue 2 of The Me You Love In The Dark exactly 27 seconds before I started typing this review.

Holy. Shit.

Scottie Young and Jorge Corona have done it AGAIN.

The Me You Love In The Dark is a series that focuses on the inner self and how one portrays that through art. How can we portray ourselves and our creativity authentically, without the pressure of money, fame, power, or social acceptance? Issue 1 was an escapist piece, focusing on escaping from others and social pressure. Well, once one has escaped, what happens next?

Enter Issue 2: The “ghost”; a whole new world to become submersed in. Is this a world our main character, Ro, wants to be in? Even if so, should she stay here?

This second issue goes far away from the soft drama vibes of the last issue and runs at full thriller speed. Each page gets creepier and creepier and, as Ro continues to grow closer to the being in this house, I found myself becoming attached to this entity as well. Me, the reader, who knows that this could all go terribly wrong for Ro within 3 issues! I couldn’t help it! There’s something hypnotic and enrapturing about having something, someone, help you find yourself; your outlet to expressing yourself.

Jorge Corona’s art is easily the most haunting thing about this line and it is absolute perfection. As you read this issue, you’ll see how Corona uses the shadows not only to hide what we aren’t supposed to see yet but to slowly reveal what we want to see but aren’t ready for. Do you think you’re ready for it? Try it- pick up this issue and tell me you were ready for that.

Scottie Young’s dialogue is fantastic. I wager some will probably criticize it for being cheesy, but I think it’s hella realistic. I especially love how the “ghost” is written; so candid you want to trust them, but with just enough anonymity to keep you questioning yourself. All of this with Corona’s absolutely magnetizing art- who needs horror/thriller movies when I can just stare at these pages constantly?

The Me You Love In The Dark is one of my favorite genres, a psychological thriller. All may seem calm one second, but if you pay close attention not only to the story but to yourself, you’ll notice not only is Ro slipping into an abyss that may or may not be safe, but so are we as the readers. And honestly? I have no problem with the abyss I’m catapulting into. Not. One. Bit.

I mean... look at that abyss!

Think you can handle the abyss? Then be sure to pick up TMYLITD in stores this Wednesday, September 8th, and let me know when you’re joining me here! There’s plenty of room!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives this:

4.5 out of 5 Finger Guns

(because I’m bi)

You can find Your Friendly NBHD Bi, Lauren, at Twitter, Instagram, and more below:

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