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Who is Captain America?!

Every now and then I come across a Twitter thread that I love and I want to highlight some of them and the creators. This highlight is from my good friend @CapsComics!

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did!

As of late, there has been a lot of denial surrounding the mantle of Captain America. This thread will be dedicated to show that there is more than one, however little their time was or how they used the role.

First up, Steve Rogers. Steve is the original Cap, the first, but he's not the only one.

Steve debuted in his own comic March 1941, called "Captain America Comics" #1. From there he's lasted 80 years and still going. He's had some amazing runs, and some... lesser runs.

Next up, Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah is considered the first black Captain America. He took on the mantle in his debut run of "Truth: Red, White & Black".

Bradleys debut comic is easily one of the best & touching comics out there, focusing on the racist side of government & military.

A bit more about Bradley's time as Captain America. Bradley recieved the Super Soldier Serum in June 1942, this was a US created serum to recreate the effects of Dr Erskines serum that was used on Steve Rogers.

Although, Bradley and only a handful out of 300 survived.

Now, within the Marvel Universe chronologically Steve wasn't the first Captain America. An ancestor of Steve's was canonically first.

Steven Rogers the Captain America of The Revolutionary War debuted in Captain America Vol 1 #194 part of "The Madbomb" arc.

Steven later died in one of the final battles of The Revolutionary War, quite a few years before the US Government made the Captain America identity.

Next in the timeline is, Butch Cantwell. Butch was a known mobster from the 1940s, he used the mantle to masacare those who done him dirty and discredit the original Cap.

Butch debuted in April of 1945 in "Captain America Comics" #46.

Luckily for everyone, Cantwell's time as Cap came to an end when the original Cap and Bucky learned of the impersonation, and put an end to it.

Carl Zante, the Captain America of the 1960s. Carl was known as The Acrobat, he used the mantle of Cap to rob banks & free his villain friends.

Carl debuted in "Strange Tales" #106, but took up the mantle as Cap in "Strange Tales" #114. At this time Steve was also still in ice.

Jeffrey Mace, also known as "The Patriot". Jeffrey took the mantle in 1946s "Captain America Comics" #59.

After the sudden absence of Steve Rogers, Jeffrey's own moral code pushed him to lift the shield and carry the mantle.

William Burnside the Captain America of the 1950s. William took on the mantle of Cap in 1972 in "Captain America" #153.

William became Cap out of an unhealthy obsession with Steve, it led him to receive an altered version of the serum & change his appearance to look like Steve.

William Naslund another hero to lift the shield. Nashlund was known as "The Spirit of '76".

After Steve had disappeared during WW2 the US Government felt they needed someone to take on the title as Captain America, luckily for Willaim Nashlund that became him in "What If?" #4.

Bob Russo. Bob took up the mantle of Captain America in "Captain America & The Falcon". Although, the official debut title is "Captain America" #178.

Bob stepped into the role when Steve gave up the mantle. During his first run as Cap he misjudged a jump and broke his arm. (lol)

Scar Turpin. "Scar" debuted in "Captain America" #179.

"Scar" lifted the shield after seeing Bob Russos failed attempt at replacing Steve Rogers. This ended when Scar was badly beaten, he was so badly beaten he dropped his idea of being Captain America.

Roscoe Simons is another hero who didn't last too long in the role. After Steve dropped Cap & picked up the mantle of Nomad, Roscoe decided to try his hand at it.

Roscoes time as Cap came to play in 1974 during "Captain America" #178.

Roscoes time as Cap came to a rough ending, along with his life. When Red Skull learned that the man behind the shield wasn't Steve Rogers, he cancelled Roscoes subscription to life. This later led to Steve retaking the mantle of Cap.

John Walker. I'm sure by now you all know John Walker, but incase you don't. John took the mantle of Captain America at the request of the US Government in 1987. His time as Cap was short lived when the mantle was then again past the following year.

Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye was chosen to be Captain America after Steve had "died" in the first superhero Civil War.

Clint was chosen by Iron Man to be Steve's successor.

Bucky Barnes. Everyone knows Bucky, but if you're new to this, let me tell you a bit about Bucky.

Bucky was chosen to wield the shield after Steve had "died" in Civil War, this was found out through Steve's will. Prior to this, Bucky was very hesitant to replace Steve.

Johann Schmidt. Yes, the Red Skull.

The Red Skull "took" the mantle of Captain America for like 30 mins lmao. He transferred his brain/consciousness into Steve's body, until Steve took over.

Frank Castle. Yes, that's right, The Punisher.

Frank took the mantle of Cap after Steve "died". He found an old mask of Steves and modified it to suit his style while also making his own costume. Frank wasn't a very good Cap, but he tried... I guess?

David Rickford. David replaced Bucky briefly in 2008, this was when Bucky was serving his time in a Russian Gulag for his crimes as The Winter Soldier.

David's first mission was a set up, he was captured by A.I.M & rescued by Steve, who was forced to take the mantle (again).

Sam Wilson. The Falcon got promoted to the role of Captain America by that of Steve Rogers.

Steve grew old as shit and felt he couldn't carry on being Captain America anymore. Steve passed the mantle to Sam who then went on to becoming one of the greatest to carry the shield.

Samantha Wilson the Captain America of Earth-65.

Samantha is the female version of Earth-616s Sam Wilson. Samantha took the mantle during WW2 after being approached by Peggy Carter to take the serum. Samantha debuted in "Spider-Gwen" Vol 2 #1.

Roberta Mendez. From the time period of 2099, Roberta was forcefully imbued with the Super Soldier Serum and decided to carry the mantle, with the use of advanced technology to protect those needing protecting.

Roberta debuted in "Secret Wars 2099" #1.

Danielle Cage, the daughter of none other than Superheroes Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Danielle doesn't actually have the super soldier serum or any butchered version, she actually develops her powers from her mother and father and goes on to be Captain America.

Steven Rogers. Also know as Stevil or Hydra-Cap.

Stevil takes the role of Captain America in Nick Spencer's Captain America run. He's a twisted, Hydra supporting version of Steve, who had his reality changed at the hands of Kobik, a sentient version of the cosmic cube.

Peggy Carter. As a lot of yous know, Peggy has recently been under the spotlight from the MCU "Marvels: What If?". But that isn't Peggy's official debut as Cap.

Peggy takes up the role of Cap in 2018s "Exiles" #3.

Aaron Fischer the newest addition to the Captain America mythos.

Aaron has just recently debuted in the limited series called "The United States of Captain America" #1. It was revealed that Aaron has been performing as Cap within his own community, known as The Runaways.

Aaron ties the thread up... for now. As the new mini keeps going, I'll add to this each time a new Cap debuts, but until then, this is who we have.

So for now, let's all look forward to seeing these new Captains debut!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this awesome thread! Be sure to follow @CapsComics and show them some love! Also if you have a great comic book thread or know of one that should be featured then hit us up and let us know!

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