Who is Captain America?!

Every now and then I come across a Twitter thread that I love and I want to highlight some of them and the creators. This highlight is from my good friend @CapsComics!

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did!

As of late, there has been a lot of denial surrounding the mantle of Captain America. This thread will be dedicated to show that there is more than one, however little their time was or how they used the role.

First up, Steve Rogers. Steve is the original Cap, the first, but he's not the only one.

Steve debuted in his own comic March 1941, called "Captain America Comics" #1. From there he's lasted 80 years and still going. He's had some amazing runs, and some... lesser runs.

Next up, Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah is considered the first black Captain America. He took on the mantle in his debut run of "Truth: Red, White & Black".

Bradleys debut comic is easily one of the best & touching comics out there, focusing on the racist side of government & military.

A bit more about Bradley's time as Captain America. Bradley recieved the Super Soldier Serum in June 1942, this was a US created serum to recreate the effects of Dr Erskines serum that was used on Steve Rogers.

Although, Bradley and only a handful out of 300 survived.

Now, within the Marvel Universe chronologically Steve wasn't the first Captain America. An ancestor of Steve's was canonically first.

Steven Rogers the Captain America of The Revolutionary War debuted in Captain America Vol 1 #194 part of "The Madbomb" arc.

Steven later died in one of the final battles of The Revolutionary War, quite a few years before the US Government made the Captain America identity.

Next in the timeline is, Butch Cantwell. Butch was a known mobster from the 1940s, he used the mantle to masacare those who done him dirty and discredit the original Cap.

Butch debuted in April of 1945 in "Captain America Comics" #46.

Luckily for everyone, Cantwell's time as Cap came to an end when the original Cap and Bucky learned of the impersonation, and put an end to it.

Carl Zante, the Captain America of the 1960s. Carl was known as The Acrobat, he used the mantle of Cap to rob banks & free his villain friends.

Carl debuted in "Strange Tales" #106, but took up the mantle as Cap in "Strange Tales" #114. At this time Steve was also still in ice.

Jeffrey Mace, also known as "The Patriot". Jeffrey took the mantle in 1946s "Captain America Comics" #59.