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For new releases 01/05/21!

We are back with your Weekly Round-Up, our top 4 picks of the week! Is it just us, or is getting harder each week to pick the best comics?? We are truly blessed as comic fans right now! Let's get into it!

Lauren’s Picks

#4: Basilisk #6/Superman: Son of Kal-El #6

Boom Studios/DC Comics

Writer: Cullen Bunn/Tom Taylor

Artist: Jonas Scharf/Jon Timms

Colorist: Alex Guimaraes/Hi-Fi

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire/Dave Sharpe

What can I say, I couldn’t decide! I liked ‘em both! For a few issues there, Basilisk lost me. However, issue #6 came back with a VENGEANCE! This is one of those situations where I’m super grateful I held on and didn’t drop the book! WOW! The horror, the brutality, the blood- it’s all so good! Horror fans, this one’s for you! On the other hand, Superman: Son of Kal-El is a breath of fresh air, much like the current Nightwing has been. I don’t know Jon as a character well, but this series makes me want to get to know him more. It’s refreshing to see other Super-Fam characters other than Clark written well. A wonderful comfort read!

#3: Not All Robots #5

AWA Upshot

Writer: Mark Russell

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Letterer: Steve Wands

Mark Russell has a way of writing social issues into fiction that feels natural. Not All Robots is a series that everyone should read. It forces us to look at ourselves as a society and what we want for the future. Do we have the right goals? Are we ensuring our ability to thrive or our ability to survive? At what cost? Even though this is a fictional world, I loved how much it paralleled the real world. It’s a world where humans are assigned robots to take care of the family. Go to work, pay for food, pay for shelter, etc. But what happens when these robots turn on humans? Did humans invest in safety only to lose it in the end? An important read with phenomenal art, fantastically gritty colors, and magnificent lettering!

#2: Inferno #4

Marvel Comics

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Valerio Schiti and Stefano Caselli

Colorist: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Designer: Tom Muller

HOW THIS INFERNO BURNED! While everything did not burn down with this Inferno, it was great to see what WAS burned away. So much was stripped away- important characters like Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr face consequences for their actions, villains Mystique and Destiny finally have a chance to fulfill their plans and the machines… What are they really? This ending did not disappoint. It was a cinematic experience like no other. If they made this into a film, it would easily outshine No Way Home for me. EASILY. (Spidey-Fans, take note! I love yall, but the X-Men are coming!)

#1: Harley Quinn – The Animated Series – The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour #6

DC Comics

Writer: Tee Franklin

Art: Max Sarin

Colorist: Marissa Louise

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

This issue came out digitally this week and it truly is bittersweet. I feel like I’m having to say goodbye to one of the loves of my life. This series has wrapped me in a blanket, punched me in the face, made me laugh so hard I cried, and ripped my heart out as I ate ice cream. It’s brought me up, down, and all-around in the best way possible. This finale is no exception. I’m so grateful for this series and how it’s filled the void between seasons 2 and 3 of the Harley Quinn Animated Series. More than anything, I love how it’s given all these creators a chance to further shine. I loved the hijinks and feelings throughout this entire series and this issue only solidifies that. I eagerly await season 3 of the show and hope that between seasons 3 and 4 of the series, they bring back this creative team for another run!

You can find Lauren, Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi, at all her links here:

Joe’s Picks

Honorable mentions:

A Thing Called Truth #3, Justice League Incarnate #3, Suicide Squad #11

Every week I feel like it gets harder to pick a top 4 because there’s so much good stuff coming out, but genuinely this was such a great week even for DC alone, that while they didn’t quite get a clean sweep last week, this week it was all but guaranteed.

That said, A Thing Called Truth has been so much fun, I love the two main characters and the dynamic between them, the art. the ideas and the emotion. I always look forward to a new issue of this enjoyable action adventure gay rom-com.

I’m a sucker for anything multiverse related, anytime a book gets wild and plays around with those ideas I am absolutely all for it. Justice League Incarnate and Suicide Squad have both being doing that for me, in slightly different ways, but both are just so much fun. Suicide Squad was one of my picks for most underrated book of last year, and if you liked the Infinite Frontier mini-series from last summer definitely check out Justice League Incarnate as well. But I particularly loved the recent issues of both series, they are both using the ideas in such creative ways, great stuff!

Now let’s get onto my top 4 picks of the week!

#4: One Star Squadron #2

DC Comics

Writer: Mark Russell

Artist: Steve Lieber

Colorist: Dave Stewart

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

I was tempted to check out the first issue because I was intrigued by the idea and wanted to check out something by the creative team, and was interested in the use of less well-known characters. That also made me weary of checking it out, but I'm glad I did!

I liked that first issue, but with this second one I really got into it. Something about it, I just thought it was done so well. I loved it, and while I thought #1 was good, this made me captivated enough to want to find out more about what's going to happen. From the day to day adventures of Minute Man trying to make a living somehow, to the goings on at Heroz4U and Red Tornado trying to keep everything under control, to that ending.

Great art, great ideas, this is going to be a fun series.

#3: Superman Son of Kal-El #6

DC Comics

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: John Timms

Colorist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

I loved this issue. This just shows how strong of a week this was for me, especially in terms of DC books, considering it's a few places off my pick of the week.

There was some great action, some great moments between Jon and Jay after the events of last issue, and it was awesome to see Damian showing up, not only interacting with Jon but Jay as well. It's always nice to see some more Damian and Jon together but that was particularly cool to see and something I've been wanting to see for a few months since this was announced.

The art is awesome as always, I'm loving Timms and Hi-Fi's work on the title. It's animated, it's dynamic, it's vibrant in both the action scenes and the more emotive character-focused scenes. Great issue, great series continuing to really enjoy it!

#2: Dark Knights of Steel #3

DC Comics

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Yasmine Putri

Colorist: Arif Prianto

Letterer: Wes Abbott

Tom Taylor is one of my absolute favorite writers at the moment, and it's clear to me why. I feel like if any writer could put out two books in one week and have both of them as some of my favorites of the week it would be him!

This series just gets better and better. I loved that first issue, the second one continued to establish this world and the conflicts, but I feel like this issue is where things started to kick into high gear! Tom Taylor has shown before he can handle large casts and the various conflicts in an interesting and captivating way and that continues to be shown here!

The artwork by Putri and coloring by Prianto just continues to be spectacular, I adore the golden regal glow everything seems to have, and the medieval costumes and environments are so well done. I'm not normally a fan of fantasy storytelling but here I'm really enjoying this.

Definitely try this out if you haven't already!

#1: Detective Comics #1047

DC Comics

Writer: Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Ivan Reis, Fernando Blanco

Inker: Danny Miki

Colorist: Brad Anderson, Jordie Bellaire

Letterer: Ariana Maher, Rob Leigh

This was awesome! Admittedly I have been on a bit of a Batman kick recently, with finally getting round to reading my Snyder/Capullo Vol 1 and Tynion Tec omnibus, but this looked like a fun place to jump on the title regularly and I'm glad I did!

It had a grand epic feel to it that I absolutely loved. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this event, but it’s off to a good start, and it really did feel like the start of an event. Due in no small part to the top tier art team here! Seriously, the artwork on the main story was exactly what it needed to be. It was bold, it was spectacular, I adore Reis’ art as it is, but then Miki on inks and Anderson on coloring? Glorious. Very excited to see where this goes in weeks to come.

Then, the backup was just as entertaining, but in a different way. On a smaller scale. I’ve loved Rosenberg and Tyler Boss’ new Image series What’s The Furthest Place From Here so far, so I was excited to see what Rosenberg would do on this backup. There was one particular panel a few pages in that sent a chill down my spine. Loved it. Hadn’t heard of the artist, but I thought it fit really well for the tone of the story, especially with coloring by the always amazing Jordie Bellaire!

I know the weekly release schedule is a bit of a deal-breaker, but at least check out this first issue if you can!

DC killed it again this week! What were your top picks this week? What are we missing out on? Is DC really killing it more than every other publisher right now? Let us know what we missed! You never know; your recommendation could end up on our lists in the future!

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