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Venom is Worthy!

Every now and then I come across a Twitter thread that I love and I want to start highlighting some of them and the creators. This first highlight is from my good friend @TheLastGorgon!

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did! (Spoilers Ahead if you haven't finished Venom)

Since some of y'all don't understand this scene and are either mad "Venom was Worthy" (not even close to what happened) or use "its just broken right now" (oversimplification), Uncle Gorgon is gonna break this down. I want y'all to get how important this scene was.

So let's address the first. That's not Venom. That's Eddie Brock. Bearing Captain Universe, aka the God of Lifht, aka the enigma force. He chose to look like Venom when given the option. Venom can't be there while he holds onto that force. This him receiving it and venom leaving

2nd, it's important to note that Eddie has chosen a Venom form twice now. Once here, and once when given the dream stone back in "War of the Realms". Their bond is unreal, and it's always his form. This is him choosing it

The next we see Eddie is in King in Black which literally opens up with Eddie narrating in the beginning. It's his story.

He literally says in this narration that Knull has fought venom. But he's never fought Eddie Brock, the Comeback King. He's literally telling you, the reader, that it's him. Not Venom. Him. Right from the start

Now, onto the "Worthy" thing. Since Venom isn't here, and it's just Eddie, the question is Eddie worthy? Let's touch that in a second. Forgetting worthy, forgetting Mjölnir's enchantment for a moment, you need to understand the Enigma Force role in this. The Enigma Force is a symbiotic force now through the addition to its lore. Not only that, it's Knull's opposite. The God of Light. Which currently in this form, Eddie is the God of Light. Now. Thor and Surfer are both referred to as children and warriors of the light. They have been for a long time. Knull came about to earth way back in the day and Thor fought him and hurt him. With his "light" aka the lightning. The surfer was reborn through "the light".

Now, would it now make sense that the God of Light can summon weapons made from the very energy it created? It would. That's how he summoned Mjölnir and Norrin's board to form All Light. (Thank you @Te_AgentVenom for the Canon contribution to the name). By being the God of Light.

Now. Back to the question.

Is Eddie Brock worthy?

If you've read this story, it would be hard to say no. Eddie has saved the universe and world multiple times before this. He even ran in, no symbiote, willing to die to try to save everyone in Absolute Carnage.

Eddie has been ready to die for others since this moment and has been doing it that way, ever since. Eddie in this run has grown and redeemed more than any character I've seen in years. Eddie is a hero. But don't take my words for it, take Flash Thompson's.

Or take Captain America and Thor's word on it, who are both "Worthy" by the way and have been very pro Eddie AND Venom join the Avengers for a while.

After his talk with Flash, Eddie finally accepted that he can be a hero. Mjölnir needs you to accept who you are. My personal opinion?

I think in this moment, even if Mjölnir wasn't broken, even if he didn't have the God of Light, that in the moment when Eddie was fighting Knull that if he would have asked Mjoinr, it would have came to him. I truly do.

Edward Allan Brock Is a hero.

You don't have to agree, but please read the whole story and see his growth and learn about the God of Light to understand this scene. There's so much more than "Mjölnir's enchantment isn't working" and so much more than "venom isn't worthy". Find out for yourself my friends

And on this account, we Stan Edward Allan Brock.

From Villain to


Anti hero






Edward Allan Brock is a hero. The Comeback King. The King in Black.

Get ready for adventures with Dylan, Eddie, and Venom from Al Ewing this fall!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this awesome thread! Be sure to follow @TheLastGorgon and show them some love! Also if you have a great comic book thread or know of one that should be featured then hit us up and let us know!

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