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Undiscovered Country. Why Aren't You Reading It?

Undiscovered Country

Written by Scott Snyder & Charles Soule

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Daniele Orlandini

Coloring by Matt Wilson

Lettering by Crank!

What’s it about?

The main plot of this series is the world is suffering from a disease that seems to have no cure and in a matter of six months could be the end of everything. The United States has sealed itself from anyone entering or leaving for 30 years. Now a team of six people have been invited to The U.S. to get an antidote and save the world. However, things begin to unravel the moment the helicopter flies into the country.

Why should you be reading it?

The Characters

The team is comprised of seven characters. A pair of siblings Daniel & Charlotte Graves. Daniel is a mercenary with a shady past, wanted by every side of wars, however he’s the only one who has been able to sneak into The U.S. Charlotte is a doctor who has been doing her best to research the disease in hopes of a cure but with limited help, she has nothing. Ace Kenyatta, the historian of the team that is the top expert in knowledge of The U.S. Valentina Sandoval, is a journalist and in charge of recording their trip and written record of what the team must do to find the cure. A pair of diplomats from both sides, Janet Worthington and Chang Enlou. Lastly their pilot, Colonel Pavel Bukowski a former POW

With this many characters there’s bound to be one a reader can relate to and follow along with. In the 12 issues thus far, the only characters to not get much background on is the diplomats. Chang gets a bit in the second arc, but for the most part these two are simply trying to beat the other to get the cure.

The Land

MINOR SPOILER ALERT. Upon entering the country and finding a safe place to plan their next moves they learn that the country has been divided from within into 13 different lands that have been separated by a sealing from within. Each colony led by a different belief in what The U.S should be and left to fend for themselves.

The first arc centers around Destiny, a land that is led by a man known as The Destiny Man who is trying to get to the other colonies in the country to take over. The land is filled with mutant animals that have changed in size and diet for his army to lead and destroy anything in their path. It has strong Mad Max vibes from the first issue and never really strays from that idea.

The second arc center around Unity, a land that is led by Dr. Jain in a land that feels like a science fiction movie. The land is based around the idea that by banding together, Unity will save the country and help lead it into a wonderful and prosperous future. The land that the team finds themselves in seems to be all intertwined in white and able to create and complete any idea simply with thought.

By having two different idea for these lands it gives the readers a chance to experience two different kinds of enemies while still asking, what’s going to happen next? There is still an inherent feeling of something creeping up on the team and if they will find the cure to the disease or something entirely different?

Final Thoughts

This is a series that doesn’t have a “superhero” but it has every other element from those stories that will bring you in. There’s emotion, passion, crazy world-building, and a few unseen twists that will have the reader turning the page to see what’s next. Now is the perfect time with volumes 1 and 2 both out now.

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