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Transformers #1 Review: More Than Meets the Eye?

Transformers #1 is a fantastic start that brings a whole new level of excitement to the much-loved property. It was created by Daniel Warren Johnson and beautifully colored by Mike Spicer. DJW, known for his exciting storytelling, brings a whole new level of excitement to the Transformers world.

This story isn't just a repeat of what we've seen before. Johnson brings in unexpected twists and his signature emotional rollercoaster ride. One heartbreaking moment with Optimus Prime shows Johnson's talent for giving these robot characters real feelings. Before they stumble upon something big, we meet Spike and Carly, two characters dealing with everyday life. Johnson makes them relatable and shows us why they're important to the story. I love how DWJ brings back the Witwicky family. This gives the story a fresh feel while still honoring the original show and older Marvel comics.

The Decepticons, led by Johnson's skillful hand, are scarier than ever. Starscream, once seen as an annoying second fiddle to Megatron, becomes a crafty and ruthless opponent. The battles between the Autobots and Decepticons are intense and gritty. After reading “Do a Powerbomb”, I really enjoyed seeing the wrestling-inspired moments during the big fight.

The art has a vibrant vibe, reminiscent of the show and comics from the 1980s. Spicer's colors make each character stand out against detailed backgrounds. The bright, happy moments contrast with darker, scarier ones, making the visuals stand out. Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer really do make a great team.

What's great about this comic is that it's easy for both fans and newcomers to enjoy. Johnson invites everyone to come along for the ride, whether you're a big fan or just starting out. The art brings the Transformers world to life, making this a standout issue.

Transformers #1 isn't just about bringing back old memories; it breathes new life into the series, adding depth and excitement from a fresh perspective. It's not just a reboot; it's a big success that promises more excitement ahead. This is not going to surprise anyone, but I am all in on the Energon Universe!

Story: Daniel Warren Johnson

Art: Daniel Warren Johnson

Color: Mike Spicer

Story: 9.5

Art: 10

Overall: 9.75

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