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Tim Drake: Robin #1 Review!

I was looking forward to this already, but after all the discourse on it, positive and negative, I was even more intrigued, and honestly I didn't disappoint.

It was one of those first issues where towards the end, and as I finished it I just thought "yeah, I had a great time with this, I'm definitely excited for more" and that's exactly the feeling you want to have after reading a new #1.

There were just several aspects of it I really enjoyed.

First of all, I loved to see Tim's exploration of his identity continue to be a conflict for him here. I personally thought his coming out story also written by Fitzmartin in Urban Legends last year was written so well (yes it was weird how Steph was brushed aside, but in terms of Tim's internal monologue and conflict) and it felt all too real the idea that even after the initial revelation there's still a long way to go from there.

As someone who's had their first boyfriend for coming up on a year now, I just really related to all the insecurities Tim was feeling with his relationship and his feelings. It just all feels so new and maybe often slightly confusing, and likely recontextualises some things.

Anyway back to the story itself, I liked the balance between the personal focus on Tim himself, how it then shifted over to his new living situation, and cleanly into the third part of the issue where the detective work came into it.

The issue itself just felt very well paced and satisfying in that way. It was a solid issue on it's own, but I thought it effectively set up Tim's new status quo nicely. It was also fun to see some new characters, it quickly made the book feel fresh and interesting to me from almost the start, starting to build out this supporting cast of Tim's in the Marina.

Last but certainly not least, I have to say I love Rossmo's artwork. If you don't, I absolutely get that, it's very stylised and definitely not to everyone's taste. Interestingly I started reading Deadly Class recently, so it was cool to see Loughridge color this issue, since he has colored most of Deadly Class, starting so many issues in.

Anyway yeah, Rossmo's artwork just really gave the comic that unique, exciting tone that I found quite entertaining, just to see something new. It was a shame at first to see him leave Harley Quinn, but I hope we get a decent amount of issues out of him here, love his style. It always feels rich, vibrant and just generally, I think it's such a fun art style. It gives the comic a particular dimension and identity.

Overall I loved this, great first issue, very excited to see where it goes!


Have you read this? What did you think? Let me know over on Twitter at JoeLovesComics, where you can find (albeit shorter) thoughts on other comics I love.

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