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The Whole World SHOULD Be Watching F&TWS, Episode 4 Mini-Review

A mini-review for the purpose of no spoilers (And I’ve been super busy lately so I wanted you all to have something) :)

I JUST finished watching the new episode and, holy sh*t!

This episode finally got the plot together for me. It solidified WHY I should care about it and alleviated some of my fears from earlier episodes.

The pacing of this episode was incredible. It balanced intense conversations between characters with high stakes and high-energy fight scenes. It brought in other parts of the MCU (and arguably, the best part- I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen ep 3 yet). It felt like a solid THRILLER to me.

Do I agree with all the choices in terms of plot? Not necessarily, but again, I can’t expect to have a 100% socially revolutionary story from the MCU, who is tied directly to the US Military, now can I? I do, however, appreciate the steps they DO take in writing the story, and it gives me some hope (blind or otherwise) that one day we might see a story that takes even more bold stances one day.

The whole world SHOULD be watching this show and should be screaming at Marvel to do more and MORE. To step out of their comfort zone.

This was definitely my favorite episode so far and honestly, I might have to rewatch it because so much happened that I feel like I missed something, ya know?

Go watch it. Seriously. If you weren’t sold on the show the last few eps, this might be just what you need to enjoy it more. Again, it isn't perfect, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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