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The Magic Behind Magic Powder #1

I am not a fantasy person at all. The large worlds of the most fantastical fantasies (like LOTR) usually terrify and overwhelm me. However, the magic of Magic Powder is that both fans of intense fantasy and more casual adventure fans can access and love this world!

Magic Powder #1, by Jeffrey Paul Louis Schiller, Daniele Aquilani, Samuel Iwunze, and Raven Schiller, had my attention from the first page. In a dark knight alley, a blue elf skates around on his skateboard. Blue elf?!? You got my attention!!!

It's like I have a thing for blue fuzzy elves or something!

From the beginning, I felt some familiarity with this world. It's not castles and pitchforks and swords all around, but rather an urban city with guns amock! I don't think I've ever seen a fantasy world in such a modern setting before, but I love it! It reminds me of what it was like to watch the modern film Romeo + Juliet for the first time in high school. You know the one, with Leonardo DiCaprio. I love a good modern twist on older times and tropes and Magic Powder is no exception!

Think about this: What if elves and other fantastical creatures lived in our modern world and did much as we do: create gangs, deal drugs, and struggle to avoid bullets daily? Magic Powder explores the answers to this question and so much more!

Upon first reading, we as the readers learn that so far, there are the dwarvs, fins, dragons, and elves. All of these different groups of creatures are basically "factions" fighting over Magic Powder, which is basically faerie dust that is incredibly easy to get addicted to. Just ask our friend Breaker!

Breaker, the blue fuzzy elf, isn't the only character we meet in this issue. We meet characters such as the Dwarvfather, who is basically the equivalent of a Mafia leader for the Dwarvs. We've also got Zjah, who is the curator of the Library and Museum of Sorcery, where the sorcerer's sword is supposedly stored.

I love that we get to see the world narrated from each of these characters' perspectives throughout the issue. The narration flows well; the jump from each character's POV feels smooth and easy to keep up with. It also helps build the world quicker!

Furthermore, I love the art in this issue! It's deep, it's bloody, and it magnifies the intensity of this world. It's not all fun and games and it's not all light and bright. It's WAR, but not with steel armor and javelins. With guns a blazin' and drugs a cookin'.

There are still some medieval aspects, tho! I'm not complaining!

I also wanted to touch on the lettering of this issue. I've found that sometimes I have trouble with how some indie creators letter their issues; for some reason, it either stands out too much or not enough. Daniele Aquilani not only did a fantastic job with the art but also the LETTERING! YES!!! It looks fantastic and makes my brain very happy.

The THESZ REPORT companion piece is a wonderful addition as well. I found it helpful in understanding the world a bit better; it applies that extra layer that really builds the investment in this world!

Did I say investment? I did!! For the first time in who knows how long, I'm invested in a fantasy world! It's all these creators' fault and I couldn't be more thankful! Magic Powder #1 is a series for everyone!! If you missed its Kickstarter, you can get it at

Big thanks to Jeff Schiller for reaching out to me about this comic!

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