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The BEST Comic Debut I've Ever Read: Eleutheromania

A fan of Moon Knight? Silver Surfer? Green Lantern? Any of the Lantern Core? Of stories that only need the bare minimum to draw you in and tell you a soul-reaching story?

Eleutheromania is exactly what you didn't realize you needed!

"People Will Forget What you said, People Will Forget What You Did, But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel"

This is one of the most euphoric comics I've EVER read.

This one-shot is beyond special. Not only are the words a journey, but so are the visuals. Throughout this one-shot, the visuals EVOLVE.

Eleutheromania starts with pencilled black and white pages. As the story evolves, inks and color are introduced. Each piece of the environment starts to come together.

Much like how I felt my entire aura come together by the end of this book.

I know, I know, that sounds hipster, cheesy af, and not like something I would normally say. But hear me out- this book centered me.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in chains and all you had to do was break out of them?

Have you ever broken free of them?

If you did, did you know what to do with yourself afterwards? Did you know what to do with your liberation?

Eleutheromania asks these questions of us as readers and even offers possible answers, in the most poetic way possible.

A Journey Told Through Poetry

This phenomenal one-shot is told through poetry rather than prose. Even though there are less words because of this, Eleutheromania is meant to be read slowly. Each word and image needs to be absorbed and sat on, rather than quickly read through action after action.

I know, I'm talking in abstract, but hear me out- this work is delicate. It's masterful, and deserves to be treated as such. I refuse to give everything away. However, I feel obligated in the best way possible to share the solicit for it so you better understand what this journey is:

"ELEUTHEROMANIA is a tale of liberation and the dread that comes with it. A one-shot comic book of abstract imagery accompanied by poetry. A striking vision of two entities, linked by their unyielding urge to be released from the figurative chains that hold them captive. And their struggle to adapt to their newfound freedom."

This is writer Anas Abdulhak's FIRST comic ever, and if it's their first comic ever!? By golly, I can only DREAM of what their 100th will be like! Abdulhak's style reminds me of writer Ram V, without feeling like they're trying to mimic him. The only thing that could've made the poetry and words of this issue hit deeper for me is if they had chosen to incorporate music into this book as well. However, that's not a disappointment nor a criticism, just how much I adore seeing music brought into comics in such a sentimental way.

Abdulhak's poetry is gorgeous and each time I read this comic (yes I've read it at LEAST 3 times now), I STILL get chills up my spine! What a glorious debut from Abdulhak!

A Perfect Flow With Masterful Design

It is absolute GENIUS for Abdulhak to have two different artists draw the two different acts of this one-shot, since they are two different styles.

Anton Mozhegov's pencilled style is raw, unique, and heart-wrenching. The rawness of it makes Act 1 hit hard, particularly after multiple readings. I felt like I WAS this person in this one-shot.

Mattia Monaco is the artist on Aftershock Comics' "KNOCK EM DEAD" and by god did Monaco knock ME dead with this art. The Silver Surfer: Black vibes are HUMONGOUS here and I couldn't be more thrilled!!

And how can a comic flow without a fantastic letterer?? Novella Locritani's lettering is beyond belief. Locritani does different lettering for both acts much as there are two different art styles for them and it's like... she somehow embodies this entire story just by placing and designing the shape and look of words. How insane is that?!? I mean, beyond unbelievable. They aren't kidding when they say Locritani has a unique lettering style- uniquely magnificent!

One of the Best Comic Debuts Ever

Eleutheromania is one of the best comic debuts I've ever read. It's brutal, deep, rich, and will sink into your subconscious before you even realize it.

When you've started to come out of your "I just finished it, holy shit, what is existence" space, be sure to read Abdulhak's letter/note at the end. It might help you tie yourself back together after Elutheromania pulls you apart in the best of ways!

You can read Eleutheromania now for FREE here:

If you'd like to buy a physical copy or your own digital copy, do that here! Support Indie Creators!

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