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Tales of The Human Target: DC Black Label One-Shot!?

Tales of The Human Target: DC Black Label One-Shot

Reveals More Details on What Happened Before the Poisoning of Christopher Chance!

While taking an assignment to bodyguard Lex Luthor, Christopher Chance, the Human Target, is poisoned and is in a race against time to find out who’s responsible. On August 23, celebrated writer Tom King and a host of fan-favorite artists – Mikel Janín, Rafael Albuquerque, Kevin Maguire, and The Human Target artist Greg Smallwood – team up to tell stories of what happened before Chance drank the poison intended for Lex Luthor in Tales of The Human Target.

In this one-shot anthology, Christopher Chance “teams up” with members of the Justice League International – some of whom already are prominently involved in this story – in four connecting mysteries, and one of them may be responsible for the poison that has The Human Target living on borrowed time. This 48-pager features an incredible main cover by series artist Smallwood, reminiscent of hard-boiled detective novels of the 60’s and 70’s. The comic also features a variant cover by artist David Marquez (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Batman: Killing Time, Justice League) and a 1 in 25 ratio variant cover from returning Batman artist Jorge Jiménez (Batman #125, on sale July 5). Check your local comic book store for availability and pre-ordering details.

For fans that have missed individual issues of the series and want to catch up all at once, The Human Target Book One collects the first six issues of the series by Tom King and Greg Smallwood and is a great way to catch up on the series to date before the second half of the series starts in September (issue #7 on sale September 23).

The Human Target Book One Collects First Six Issues, On Sale September 13

For more information on The Human Target, Justice League International, and any news on The World’s Greatest Super Heroes, visit the DC website at and follow @DCComics and @thedcnation on social media.

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