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Superman by Tomasi/Gleason Omnibus Review!

This honestly has everything you could ever want in a Superman run. In my opinion.

I read this last summer, but only just getting round to reviewing it now. I'd just finished the second Injustice omnibus and was in desperate need for something different. Some wholesome Superman. Which is exactly why I decided to buy this, which at the time had come out a few months ago, and I loved it.

The writing by Tomasi & Gleason is on point, the family dynamic adds an extra layer to the book and makes it feel fresh and exciting. The artwork by Gleason is spectacular, and even when it isn't by him there's some stellar artists that get to fill in. So along with the Super Sons omnibus I read the year before, it was nice to see some earlier Jorge Jimenez artwork.

Some of the highlights of this run did include just seeing them spend time together as a family, but I feel like there's a bit of everything here. Jon's journey as a hero as he grows into the role of Superboy, his first meeting with Damian, some awesome multiversal shenanigans, a Lex Luthor story with a twist (which was one of my favourites in the whole book because of how it looked at the characters and developed them) as well as a Teen Titans crossover and a reimagined Bizarro storyline for this run for good measure. It was just good to see a balance between epic action packed storylines, with emotion and great characters, and then some brilliant one-shot issues, of varying scales, giving such a well rounded approach to Superman.

This was a lot of fun. This, to me, is Superman.


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