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Sundog Convoy Check-In: Nocterra 7 Review

"I've known three days of sunshine my whole life."--Piper

You know, I've been reading Scott Snyder since Batman New 52 and read pretty much everything he's done. So, why in the Great PM, does he still surprise me with an epic book like Nocterra? It's just freaking amazing!!!

Nocterra #7 is the start of the new volume "Pedal to the Medal" and this keeps together Tony S. Daniel on pencils, Daniel and Sandu Florea on inks, Marcelo Maiolo on colors. Val Riggs and her Sundog Convoy has one save the world.

This first book in the new arc kicks off with guest banter between some new characters we are introduced to and it is like one big happy family. Easy banter between them in good times and bad. Snyder really delivers there. Blacktop Bill makes a other appearance and is even creepier that he was when we last saw him, if that's even possible.

The art is just phenomenal. When Sundog Convoy gets to Outpost 31 it is just basically a massive drive in theater. I spent a long time picking out movies on the screen and I think I identified all of them. Just so good. The colors just fit so well too.

There's much more horror that is lurking in the coming issues. I can feel it. Nocterra is going to be one of Snyder's best series and it's going to be special. Pick this book up.

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