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"Star Wars: Visions will be a series of animated short films celebrating the Star Wars galaxy through the lens of the world's best anime creators. This anthology collection will bring ten fantastic visions from several of the leading Japanese anime studios, offering a fresh and diverse cultural perspective to Star Wars."―President Kathleen Kennedy

A few years ago a friend of mine and I saw a fan made anime style Star Wars short and instantly declared that is needed to be a real thing. We never thought it would happen. I honestly still couldn't believe it as I started the series. I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. Since our full audio breakdown will be on our Patreon. Let's not waste anymore time!

Have we finally stepped out of the shadows of the Skywalker saga? It definitely feels like it. I’ll start by saying that while I enjoy the style of the Clone Saga and Bad Batch, this series was really refreshing. We got nine unique stories from some of the biggest names in anime. Each episode ranges from about 13 to 22 minutes in length. With most of them being about fifteen minutes. I already know some fans will complain that it isn’t long enough, but for me it was perfect.

This show feels like it could be a good introduction to new fans. I know the hardcore Star Wars fans may not agree but I feel like this series does a great job at capturing the vibe of Star Wars. It’s really interesting how each story has its own perspective on Star Wars lore. One of my favor things about the series is that it doesn’t reference any of the household Star Wars names (Besides Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett). I also enjoy the fact that it spans over several eras. The episodes aren’t all nonstop action. They vary from lighthearted to a little more on the darker side.

Not only is this show a departure from the animation style we’ve been used to with Star Wars, but each episode has its own unique style. It felt like a showcase of different popular anime styles. I’m interested to see how audience members that aren’t as familiar with anime respond. On the flip side I’m also interested to hear the thoughts of the hardcore anime fans. I mentioned that we had some heartfelt episodes. That doesn’t mean that this series lacked action. We got some epic light saber duels. I can’t wait to talk about them more. Some of my favorite episodes were “The Duel”, "T0-B1", “The Elder” and “The Twins”.

To put it simply I really enjoyed this series. I’m getting the feeling that they are using this show as a testing ground to see how fans respond to different ideas relating to Star Wars. We could be getting some wild stories in future movies/shows and I am here for it.

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