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Spider-Man Day Recap!

August 1st was Spider-Man Day and I made a thread on Twitter of some of my favorite moments. Being the opportunist I am I thought I would turn it into a blog post! Let me know what your favorite Spider-Man moments are!

During a fight with Doc Ock in Amazing Spider-Man 32, Spidey ends up buried in a pile of rubble. In Amazing Spider-Man 33 Spider-Man has no choice but to lift up 10 tons of machinery using nothing but his limited super-strength and will power!

In X-Force 3/ASM 16 Spider-Man goes up against the the unstoppable Juggernaut. Easily one of the most dangerous characters in Marvel when it comes to strength. Spidey knows what Juggernaut can do, that’s why he took him down before he could even begin.

Amazing Spider-Man 542. We all know what happened in this one. Such a intense Spidey moment.

In Amazing Spider-Man 248, Spidey revealed his identity to his biggest fan that was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Another great Spider-Man moment.

Another sad Spidey story. I don’t hear a lot of people mention this one but it’s stuck with me since I read it. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1 had a beautiful tribute to a friend of Peter David

Last sad Spidey post I swear. (Maybe) I just really appreciate that even though he’s this positive funny character he might actually have more loses than wins. Spectacular Spider-Man 200 was another rough one.

Even though when I think about it Spider-Man actually has a ton of tragic stories. He still is one of the only characters that can make me sincerely laugh in comics. Like this exchange between him and Spider Woman in New Avengers 61.

“It doesn’t” Spider-Man And The X-Men 4.

He’s sad. He’s funny. We always talk about that but we don’t talk enough about how he has some of the best fight panels in comics. Amazing Spider-Man 34.

Last one for Spider-Man Day. I remember how much I loved this page when I first read it. It remains one of my favorites. Amazing Spider-Man 35.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this thread! Be sure to follow us (@WednesdayPull) and show some love! Also if you have a great comic book thread or know of one that should be featured then hit us up and let us know!

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