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Space Precinct Zero #2 REVIEW

The action-packed space sci-fi epic continues! Issue two of Space Precinct Zero, from DOMA Comics and by Chris Chandler and Jayson Santos is HERE!

If you haven't read issue 1 yet, you MUST go read it now- if you aren't convinced, check out my review for the first issue here.


This second issue throws us as readers immediately back into action and I couldn't be more grateful! Sometimes, a series will start the next issue with some backstory or something between the current action. For some, it works; for others, it hinders the story. Chandler makes the perfect narrative decision to keep the story MOVING!

Santos' art brings all the movement to LIFE! It blows my mind how effective his transitions are between panels. It makes it so easy to absorb every piece of action in the story, while also making it easy for our eyes to auto-fill in the colors of this world. The black and white inks are more of a gift to this series than I originally realized!


The plot evolves in an organic way; no unnecessary turns or forks in the road! The space exploration continues while the panic at the academy only strengthens. Explosions and ZAPS are rampant, aliens become significant, and no character is left SAFE! There wasn't a moment where I felt like there were no stakes. Everyone seems vulnerable in the narrative. This is a MUST for a great action-packed sci-fi story. If characters feel... safe, then we as readers never worry about them. I worry about almost every character in this issue and that's a GOOD thing! I HAVE to see that they are all okay in the end!


Chandler finds a clever way to bring both pieces of the past AND the present together in this second issue. As some of our heroes struggle being stranded in space, we get a nice overlay of instructions from the space academy's actual training manual. It may seem simple, but having these instructions overlay the page as the characters do these actions in the present is GENIUS. It feels more... genuine. More authentic. It's that extra sci-fi AND real touch that makes all the difference!

Also, can I just say how FANTASTIC the lettering of this series is??? I know for some, including myself, lettering can make or break a comic and it thrills me how much effort is put into the lettering of this series!


This is a PERFECT second issue. You know how hard perfect first issues are to make? Well, perfect second issues are even more challenging. Space Precinct Zero is THE current sci-fi epic. Stop missing out and get issues 1 and 2 of Space Precinct Zero TODAY!

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