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Space Precinct Zero #1 - The Space Adventure You Need!

Have you been waiting for a great space battle scene since Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith came out? Sure, there have been other solid space battle scenes since then, but nothing has quite hit the same way as watching the kid we grew up with, and knew would become Darth Vader, grow into his own piloting skills and finally have a chance to show them off.

Well, guess what? You'll get that great space battle scene and MORE with the intense and action-packed story of Space Precinct Zero #1!

What is Space Precinct Zero?

Space Precinct Zero #1 is published by Doma Comics, a small indie publisher created and operated by Chris Chandler. Chris Chandler is also the writer of this comic with Jayson Santos on the art!

This series is Seven Secrets meets Star Trek meets Star Wars on all counts, including art and story!

Space Precinct Zero starts at a huge space station. Every detail that Santos has put into this station is glorious. Furthermore, every detail he puts in each individual character's face is masterful. Even in black and white, I feel like I can feel every emotion that each character is feeling, from the new recruit to the Sergeant.

Yes, this book is in black and white, and I'm not sure that's on purpose or not, but this series doesn't suffer without colors. Rather, the book would only shine more if it had additional colors!

Each character is designed in a more manga/anime style, but not so much that only fans of manga/anime will enjoy the style. Much like Seven Secrets' art style, Space Precinct Zero's art style amplifies the emotion and action in this issue!

As the story starts, we get to know the new recruit on this station and how she moved up the training/academy routine because her father pulled rank on her behalf. As you can tell, this is very Star Trek-esque; growing up in a culture of space officers and explorers makes Reiziger and her father believe she is ready for anything. However, there are quickly major consequences for that, as the station becomes under attack and Officer Reiziger herself is put on the front lines.

This issue is ACTION PACKED! Each panel flows magnificently for the eyes, making it easy to feel like you are watching a movie as space ships are shot down, explosions happen, and so much more! Chandler's quick and witty dialogue isn't too over the top nor is it dull; it's perfect for a quick-paced sci-fi thriller that still wants you to care about its characters!

Again, the only thing that could make this issue better is adding some colors- stories like The Blue Flame shine best because of the bright neon colors on each page of space. While colors are not needed for Space Precinct Zero to shine, they would make this issue more accessible to other readers and fully flesh out the universe that Chandler and Santos are creating.

You need to get Space Precinct Zero TODAY!

I absolutely adored this issue and cannot wait for more! If fast-paced action, high stakes, and fantastic space sci-fi are up your alley, you must pick up this issue today! You can get it at DomaComics Site here! It is available both digitally and in print.

Thanks to Chris Chandler for reaching out to me with this great book! Pick it up and let me know what YOU think! Make sure to keep DomaComics on your radar by subscribing to their newsletter on their site!

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