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Small-Publisher Sunday: Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star

I feel like the video of Keanu Reeves talking about how much he loves movies, when I talk about how much I love comic books.

Sure, I love Marvel Comics, Image and Boom, DC, and the big ones that we review here each week for NCBD. But, I also love the really small independent publishers. Those folks who self-publish or those publishers who may make it to the Previews book somewhere toward the middle and share a page with 30 other small publishers. Those are the publishers I am wanting to highlight in this new column Small-Publisher Sundays.

First up is a really neat story from Atlantis Studios that actually came out last summer and is actually going to be a feature film called Aurora: Star Runner Chronicles' and is due to be released the Fall of this year. The graphic novel is called Star Runner: Fallen Star.

Originally released digitally through Amazon, this book is now collected in a trade paperback in one volume. This first volume sets the stage for larger series that is being released over the next two years or so. This is the story of Aurora. Her adoptive parents died in a car crash and she is moved around between group homes constantly. No one cares about her or her backstory. Certainly, no one cares about what happens to her in the future. Oh, and guess what, she has telekinetic powers and she can't control them. So, who is Aurora really?

Fallen Star is written and editied by James Watson, Pencils by Leo Cordeiro, Inks by Carlos Eduardo, Colors by Mohan Sivakami, Letters by Wilson Ramos, Jr., and this cover is by Claudia Ianniciello. This book is part science fiction, part fantasy, a sprinkle of X-men-like flair in there, and all fun. I would highly recommend you check this book out. The sequel is available and I will be reviewing that one very soon as well. You can find Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star at

If you like comic book trailers, here is the trailer for Fallen Star.

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