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Second Chances #4 (REVIEW)

Contains slight spoilers!

Second Chances #4 came out today.. digitally!

Am I a bit heartbroken over it? Absolutely- but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read it! This series has been so good, I bit my lip and bought that digital copy. I HAD to know how this series ends! Does it end on a strong note? Is it rushed? Could it continue if Image was willing to publish it? Let’s dig in!

Ending on a strong but rushed note

Second Chances #4 ties up all our loose ends beautifully, but it’s almost too beautiful. We see every character reach a respectable conclusion to their own story. I’m surprised by the happy ending for most characters, but not upset! I particularly enjoyed how they tied everything together for our main character, Leblanc, and how in the end everything came back to him and his own inability to cope with his trauma. Furthermore, the “dream” sequences are gorgeous, much like the rest of the book. There’s no stopping Bertolini from crafting amazing visuals with simple pencils and inks! Every page feels worth the investment, even digitally. Overall, I don’t think the ending was rushed because of poor writing or design; I believe it’s because Image only gave the creative team 4 issues. With that said...

Second Chances should continue

Second Chances doesn’t wrap everything up-and that’s a good thing! There’s a nice opening at the end that would be perfect to lead into another volume. With this opening, I could see this easily being turned into a TV Series as well, though I’d prefer it continue as a comic first. Image, take the opening, and run with it! Let Second Chances continue!

Final Thoughts

Second Chances is easily one of my favorite series of the year! However, due to a short issue run and audiences possibly being deterred by the art being all black/white, I think too many people have missed out on it. Second Chances desperately deserves to be continued and expanded upon! If you’re someone that’s been sleeping on it, be sure to check it out! If you need more convincing, check out my reviews of issues 1 here, 2 here, and 3 here. #SecondChancesForASecondRun

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