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I know, I know- there's a thousand comic book Kickstarters out there! And if you know me, my wallet is on the thin side as well, so I only promote/back what I TRULY believe is great.

Roundhouse Hooligans is the adult comic YOU'VE been waiting for!

From Free Fall Comics, Roundhouse Hooligans is "A 40-page mature, action-drama about a group of misfit teens who are trying to find their place in the world."

Let me tell you, folks, they do NOT skimp on the mature rating for this comic. There's nudity, cursing, blood, and dark themes galore. However, it's not there just to be there. All of these elements make sense for the story and help create the intense world that these "hooligans" live in. Full props to artists Riccardo Faccini and Livia Pastore for pulling this off visually!

An intense action-thriller you can't look away from

This series reminds me of themes from The Outsiders and Grease, but with even more adult themes and brutality, and even slight touches reminiscent of DC Comics' Hellblazer.

Immediately, the series gripped me in the first story of one of our misfits and her tragic story. The build-up was so perfect, I couldn't look away for a second! It felt like the beginning of an intense action-thriller, setting the tone for the carnage that was coming in the next 40 minutes.

And boy, did the next 40 minutes (10 pages) come up FAST! Even as writers L.A. Keim and Brian Kerr take the time to build up the social connections between each misfit in the story and set up the mission that unravels by the last few pages of this issue, it hardly feels like time has passed.

The relationships between these misfits all feel real and grounded, which is harder to do when you have multiple characters that take center stage. It's even harder when you are also trying to introduce all these characters, convince readers to believe in them, and continue moving the plot forward at a reasonable pace. Well, guess what? This issue succeeds on ALL those levels! Talk about a feat!

And what a feat it is to letter an issue like this one that is so intense, visually challenging to maneuver around (the ways he was able to fit the words well on some of these panels astounds me!), so full props to Darren Close for the magnificent lettering! I often find lettering seems the hardest in books with lots of action/movement, but Close makes it look easy here!

Okay, but is it *really* worth it?

All that said, Roundhouse Hooligans pulls no punches (or bats, for that matter). By the end of this series, you'll be attached to characters you never thought you could be attached to, and regretting it by the end of the issue... not by any fault other than, well, as I said, the stakes are real. Any and every character is on the line in this series!

If you're a fan of the underdogs, the misfits, those left behind and forgotten, mysteries, and action that doesn't let up, then Roundhouse Hooligans is for you! Roundhouse Hooligans takes family, revenge, and what it means to be disconnected from the world, and reminds us all that we- yes, YES- can be our own heroes too.

Be sure to go back Roundhouse Hooligans on Kickstarter NOW! Get BOTH issues!

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