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Recap: 7x08 Legends of Tomorrow!

After far too long, I am BACK tackling these recaps because oh boy is this season of Legends of Tomorrow tackling ME (in the best way possible!). Our 7th Season continues and, I know, I can't believe it either y'all, but it's actually holding up!!!

Paranoid Android

The 8th episode, titled "Paranoid Android" begins right where 7x07 ended- with the Evil Legends!! WE EVEN GET A NEW INTRO WITH THEM!!! LETS GOOOOO!

Maybe I'm out of line, but Evil Robot Sara can step on me too!!

PLs!!! DR?!?!? hold my gay

Evil Legends!

This episode we see EVERYTHING from the Evil Legends' POV. Evil Gideon has somehow convinced (or programmed?) them all (except for one...) to believe they are actually helping the timeline by attempting to kill Our Legends. So, fun fact: The Evil Legends THINK they are the good guys, even though they talk like the bullies from every single 80's movie.

"No you can't eat them, these are your teammates!"

Even if they all talk like bullies, Sara is the one Legend who seems to still have somewhat of a moral compass. Robot or not, every version of Sara still keeps her autonomy and her moral compass! SARA LANCE SUPREMACY!

Evil Behrad and Evil Spooner are HILARIOUS. They compete and argue like my siblings and I do and I'm still not over it

"I'll avenge you, Zari!" "I'll avenge you FIRST, Astra!" omg fools lmao

My favorite dynamic between the Evil Legends, though? You KNOW it has to be Evil Avalance. No, they aren't a couple here (boooo Gideon cmon you know they are stronger together!), but you know what this means?!? BRING BACK SEASON 3 TENSION YES YES YESSSSSSS AVALANCE TENSION LETS GOOOOOO

"Don't tell me how to run my OR and I won't tell you how to run your team... CAPTAIN"

OMG Sara, you have FULL permission to throw Dr. Sharpe against a wall. In fact, I INSIST!

Now if only we got a scene where they physically fought again, like in Season 3.... Sigh. But nonetheless, I am THRILLED with this!!

The Evil Legends are attempting to a) correct what Our Legends have messed up on the timeline and b) catch them. But Evil Sara... she still thinks critically like Our Sara. She still wants to figure out what's REALLY going on. Meanwhile, Evil Nate is just a walking pile of toxic masculinity.

Oh Nate. Thank god Our Nate is the best. And there's something about Sara in her White Canary suit here that hits differently!

Cleaning up Our Legends' Mess

They decide to go to Chernobyl to clean up Our Legends mess. As the rest of the team gets ready, including Evil Astra and Evil Zari newly repaired, Evil Sara goes to confront Dr. Sharpe. She KNOWS something ain't right. How can Evil Astra and Evil Zari be alive after they died last ep??? That's my girl!

Her voice is noticeably deeper in this scene and it makes me want to roll on the floor squealing, my LORD

Evil Gideon, stop cockblocking and let them bump robo parts!!!

Evil Gideon interrupts them, unfortunately, and Sara heads out with Evil Behrad, Spooner, Gary, and Nate, as we see Dr. Sharpe burn our former Evil Zari's body. Evil Gideon and Dr. Sharpe reduce, reuse, and recycle!

New Evil Zari and Evil Astra stay on the ship to run comms and tech and Gary is apparently on clean-up duty and ALWAYS in his alien form.

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by Alien Gary

As Evil Gary waits for his time to shine, the rest of the team begins kickin' ass. I could care less about the rest of the team fighting, but seeing Sara Lance kick ass?!? My absolute favorite thing!!

She did the jump/hair flip pose!! YESSSSSS MAAM!

Sara Lance ALWAYS has her moral compass

They capture one of the generals who was supposed to die in the Chernobyl meltdown. He asks Evil Sara why he has to die- does he do something bad in the future? Evil Sara assures him that he doesn't, but can't actually explain why he has to die. He just DOES or else time is messed up "somehow". She also didn't realize that she and the other Legends actually killed all those soldiers in the fight scene.

So here we see Evil Sara a) wanting to protect time but not actually understanding what she's doing and b) wanting to be "good" but still doing "evil" and not understanding WHY.

"What kind of superheroes murder people, give them cancer?" Great question, General!

As Evil Sara stomps out, trying to believe in her and her team's work, they all realize that time is still WAY off track. Their work isn't complete!

"Guys, if we don't stop this, all these people... they're gonna LIVE!" Pls this ep writes the captions for itself

Evil Zari and Evil Astra come up with the plan of a fake news broadcast, where they will claim the last news broadcast was a hoax and convince everyone to head back to Chernobyl. Evil Zari will hack into the broadcast while Evil Sara, Behrad, Spooner, Nate, and Gary run the broadcast and get the General to say it's safe on the air. But the General? He REFUSES to do it. Not to worry, Evil Zari and Evil Astra are GREAT at finding blackmail!

muhhahaha evil evil threaten family evil evil

Evil Sara is NOT liking this idea. They are supposed to be the good guys! But are they, if Evil Gary is about to eat the General? No way no how! As the entire team screams at Evil Gary to put down the General and not eat him, Behrad accidentally gets trigger happy and shoots Sara. Off to Dr. Sharpe she goes!

THIS Nate in charge??! Lord help us all

As Evil Sara gets on the ship to meet with Dr. Sharpe, Evil Zari and Evil Astra inform her that the General did the broadcast and fixed the aberration. Yay?

"Dont worry, Dr. Sharpe will have you fixed up in no time. You'll feel like a new person!" I've never wanted to feel old more

Dr. Sharpe examines Evil Sara and declares that she needs to operate, even as Evil Sara insists that the bullet went through and through and that she only needs stitches. Insisting it will all be fine, Robo Sara begins to connect the dots: "I'll feel like a whole new person"

This Sara CLEARLY isn't Evil, so I'm calling her Robo Sara from now on!

Love how they still put blood in her to make her think shes human smh

Dr. Sharpe asks Robo Sara some questions while holding a piece of technology with her name on it. After seemingly pleased with her responses, Dr. Sharpe puts the technology down. She doesn't need to replace Robo Sara's CPU... yet.

Yup, that's right folks, as you might have already pieced together, Dr. Sharpe repairs, builds, AND upgrades the Evil/Robo Legends as Evil Gideon sees fit. Robo Sara finds out for herself as she rips out the IV that has the anesthesia in it and stays awake during her "surgery". Whelp, gotta replace those robo parts!!

After the "surgery", Robo Sara takes all the pieces of technology (or CPUs) with each of the Legends' names on them to Evil Zari. She asks Evil Zari to check them out.

One Final Test

But they don't quite have the time to process this YET- Evil Gideon has found another person that must die, but this scientist must die QUIETLY. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS PEOPLE!?!?!? ASSASSIN SARA TIME!!


As Robo Sara preps for the mission, she asks Robo Zari to make sure she's not being brainwashed by Dr. Sharpe. Right now, they still believe Dr. Sharpe is the evil mastermind- not Evil Gideon.

Robo Sara goes out in the field for her mission while the rest of the team sit on the ship and watch with popcorn and all. These fools!

Place your bets! How's Assassin Sara gonna kill the poor woman?

If she killed her with her ponytail somehow, I'd be drooling ngl

Robo Sara sits next to her target and begins to talk to her while holding a lethal dose of poison against her leg. As Robo Sara talks to the target, Robo Zari connects all the dots together. THEY are the Robo Legends, NOT the real ones! They've been programmed to be ruthless and efficient and prioritize the timeline above all human life. With that said, Robo Sara decides she cannot kill her target. She MUST save her, even if it messes up history. She has to do what's morally right.

Sara Lance! Sara Lance!

Robo Sara chases after the target and asks her to give her the plans- she will keep them safe until she can bring them back to her. With that said, Robo Sara returns and pretends she killed the target.

I'll never be over this look

The Reveal

But Dr. Sharpe? Well, she knows something weird is going on with Robo Sara and Robo Zari.

"I've got to show you something that's gonna blow your mind/CPU" IM SCREAMING

Robo Zari shows Robo Sara everything Evil Gideon has hidden from them and they connect the dots- Evil Gideon is behind it all! Now they have more than enough to tell the rest of the team!


Robo Sara puts a knife to Dr. Sharpe's throat and forces her to tell the rest of the Legends the truth. At first, the Legends laugh, thinking it's a joke, but then when Dr. Sharpe confirms it's all true, the Legends become distraught. Well, slightly.

"You know why those other Legends made all those changes to the timeline? Because they were following their hearts. not their CPUs" k;ladjgkla


While Robo Sara tries to convince the rest of the team to start doing good instead of programmed evil, Robo Zari goes to de-activate/reprogram Evil Gideon. However, Evil Gideon talks Robo Zari into selling out, confirming that Robo Zari is still Evil Zari ://

All this for a BETTER BRAIN? pls gtfo

Evil Zari betrays Robo Sara and the rest of the Evil Legends side with her. Evil Zari sedates Robo Sara and takes her to the infirmary, where Dr. Sharpe reprograms her CPU. And, well, Toxic Maculinity Nate is now captain. Ew. But the good/bad news??!? ITS NOW REAL ASSASSIN SARA BABY LAWDDDD YES!

Death glares should NOT be this hot

The episode ends with a silly moment between Evil Nate and some kids calling him John Cena. Pure Legends chaos!!

Final Thoughts

This was one of the most enjoyable eps of the season, and that's saying something! Part of that is because this was so unexpected! It was a joy hanging with the ridiculous Evil/Robo Legends for a while! What did you all think of this ep? Let me know on Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi!

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