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Recap: 7x07 Legends of Tomorrow!

It’s the mid-season finale folks! WHATTTT? I know!! This episode definitely wasn’t advertised as the mid-season finale until the last minute, buttttt nonetheless, I’m hype about it! Thank god we won’t have too long of a break because… I have FEELINGS and I need my Legends (and not my Legends….?) back soon! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Let’s get into this week’s ep to find out!

Last episode we left off with the Legends time traveling again in Gwyn’s time machine and Bishop falling out of his own Waverider after hitting the red button in the bathroom. In true Legends fashion, Bishop (and the toilet) landed on the time machine- and the Legends still aren’t back in 2021!

Hot Toilet Time Machine? Anyone??

All the Legends are stressed as hell and, oh, HI Bishop!! Spooner is ready to shoot on sight and Ava… well, she has feelings, and rightfully so!

"You tortured and cloned my wife you b*tch!"

Of course, so does Sara, but they don’t have enough time to sit in their feelings- upon hearing what sounds like to be a military, the Legends have to lead whoever is there away from the time machine, and in true idiots fashion (god I love these idiots so much), Behrad, Zari Tomaz, Nate, Gary, and Gideon all decide to run around yelling MARCO, POLO!

I didnt know it was legal to play this game outside of the water!

of course their helmets say MP. Which one's Marco and which one's Polo? (Forgive me pls)

The team finds an outdoor toilet and puts the key in the door so they can get to their pockethole dimension that looks just like Constantine’s house. Of course, Bishop is less than pleased about this

“NO, NO MORE TOILETS!” Stop making choices that lead to sh*t then, Bishop!

Upon entering the dimension, Bishop explains he has no evil intentions (despite previous actions) but that the Gideon he made… does. She’s the one causing all the trouble and hunting the Legends now (we already knew this, but the Legends didn't).

Gwyn has to fix his machine again, but he needs new parts... again. Sara and Ava are on the case for parts, going to explore whatever time period they are in, while Astra and Spooner tag along. Nate, Behrad, Zari Tomaz, and Gary all stay behind in the pockethole dimension to keep tabs on Bishop.

“Who’s John?” Sometimes I hate the writers lmao

Oh and look, they somehow managed to land right next to McDougle Jemison Factory doing WWII, where women are working to make airplanes and other things for the military while men were fighting in combat. What a coincidence!

Zari Tomaz goes back into the totem while Zari Tarazi comes out, and Nate decides to move into the totem after this last mission, clarifying that he’s just.. What, sleeping there I guess? Cause he’ll come out for missions and stuff? Idk, but he’s not leaving the team or show, so there we go!

The team needs to find 18 parts for Gwyn to be able to fix his time machine, so the women are going to the factory to find all those parts!

"sure, we'd LOVE to help reinforce white feminism in the 1940s...."

Sara and Ava get recruited to work in the factory cause, ya know, they are white women; Gideon gets recruited as a secretary (of course), while Spooner and Astra are given janitorial duty because… yeah. The guy who runs the factory doesn’t hold back on how racist he is. Disgusting af

Astra is particularly disgusted and bothered by this, setting up a huge focus this ep: Astra and her finding her voice and power (in a less ruler of hell way, ya know?).

"Babe! I didn't know you were packing!"

Ava and Sara are shown around by one of the main women leading things on the assembly line: Abby. After Ava thanks Abby for showing them around, Abby goes “Oh, of course! Us women gotta stick together!”.

The Regina George of the factory....

Folks, remember that line….

Ava and Sara are putting bolts and washers together while Astra and Spooner try to figure out what to do in janitorial other than.. Well, be miserable. After talking a bit with one of the janitorial staff, Spooner realizes they can sneak parts out this way.

“I hate you” “I hate you too” Esperastra for life!!

Back at the pocket dimension, Zari Tarazi comes out of the totem!

Sometimes, your phone just feels more like a sibling than your own sibling, ya know?

Nate tells her he’s moving into the totem and Zari has some news… he has to figure out how to talk to the elders! Ahhh! Behrad decides that, with Bishop upstairs, it’s the perfect time to teach Nate the steps to Taarof - basically, proper Persian hospitality. Bishop is a very picky, needy guest of course!

tag yourself, I'm somehow both Nate and Zari

Back at the factory, Sara steps away to go take a part to Astra and Spooner and leaves Ava with the assembly line alone. We get a cute little I Love Lucy montage and it was too perfect to have Ava be the one to do it!

They really did this specific hair for her on purpose, huh?

Sara brings a part to Astra and Spooner and quickly realizes what happened earlier and that Astra, in particular, is feeling sh*t about being treated like sh*t by head racist a**hole. Sara immediately tells Astra and Spooner that they don’t have to do this; they can find another way to get the parts they need. Astra and Spooner both reassure her its fine, they just want to get home. I really appreciate Sara checking in with them and telling them they didn’t have to do it. It’s the bare minimum to being an ally, but god I feel like we don’t see stuff like that enough, ya know?

"just practicing how I want people to address me when I'm captain, Captain!"

As Sara leaves, the same janitorial worker from earlier comes up and tells Astra and Spooner that they fix up machines when they are thrown out in a room marked "out of order"! She extends the offer to Astra and Spooner but tells them to just “not be stupid about it”.

Honestly, bless this woman's heart

Astra covers Spooner's shift while Spooner goes into the secret workshop to work on the part Sara brought them. Eventually, we see Gideon walk out with the head a**hole of the factory and Abby. Gideon tells him the First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) is insisting on seeing the factory and Abby has him work stamp an order to fix some machines.

Feel like I'm looking at Cady Heron and Regina George. Someone get Gideon out, please!

Astra sees this interaction in the hall and realizes that, if they can just authorize a work order for all the parts they need, they can get out faster! But how can they do that? Astra decides to take the leap and go into the head a**hole’s office and use her magic to change the work order from Abby to be for the parts they need, which she then stamps with head a**holes stamp. OH NO! Head a**hole is HERE! Astra panics and unintentionally casts a spell on him that freezes him- as she should!

However, I don’t understand- sometimes Astra uses magic perfectly fine, and other times she doesn’t. It makes sense because she’s still learning, but I can’t differentiate what she “should” versus “should not '' already know. Alas… she’s frozen him and now she can use this as an opportunity!

I mean, we just really don't need to see the a**hole, ya know? Who wants to see that???

Guess who’s in charge of the factory now? QUEEN ASTRA EVERYONE! YES EXACTLY!

They've both come so far, my heart!

Ava, Sara, and Spooner go back to the pocket dimension for the night while Astra stays back to try to figure stuff out for the next day at the factory. When the three make it back to the pocket dimension, they see Bishop is let out and that Behrad and Zari are trying to teach Nate etiquette for the totem (as mentioned earlier). Sara, in her time mom way, looks at Nate and Behrad. “You’re lucky I love you two!”. Ah, family!

You’re either super terrified or super relieved when you get this wagging finger from your mom!

The team gives Gwyn the one part they acquired that day and Gwyn and Gary head to the hanger in the factory to fix the time machine, now that Astra is running the factory on the downlow. How did they get the time machine there? I HAVE NO IDEA OKAY

Astra and Gideon figure out how to run the factory more efficiently and stamp all the work orders to approve it. Everything is going so well, but Astra is still not okay with the segregation. She KNOWS she can do more, so she decides to take matters further into her own hands and stamps a work order making the work floor completely racially inclusive. Yay!!! It’s obvious the men would be huffy about this, yes??? But guess who is also not okay with making the work floor open to Black women??

Abby. Abby and the rest of these no-good hypocritical white feminists. What happened to “us women need to stick together”, ABBY? HMM? Don’t lie, b*tch!

You're really gonna go "this sexist piece of trash is right! This is an injustice!" REGINA IMMA NEED YOU TO GROW

This b*tch stages a walk out and half the workforce walks off with her. Now it seems there’s no way they’ll be able to get everything done in time!

Our janitorial friend bursts into head a**hole’s office to tell him sh*t is hitting the fan with all these work orders, when she sees Astra sitting in there- and head a**hole frozen! Astra quickly explains she doesn’t know what’s wrong with head a**hole (she's totally lying, but what's she gonna do, say she used magic accidentally?), but she took the opportunity to make things better how she thought she could.

cackling at head a**hole being frozen in this shot

This scene was fantastic- it showed two very strong and real perspectives on activism. On fighting for human rights. Specifically, Black women fighting for their rights. The difference between how the young think versus the older. The difference between fighting for immediate change versus slow and steady progress. It’s a wonderful conversation because both women make valid points. There’s no right or wrong- there's just different views.

By the end of it, Astra asks if her friend thinks they can finish the plane, to which she responds yes, but what’s it matter? In the end it’ll all fail right?

Gideon’s face says it all! Time for some LEGENDARY feats!

Astra gets ANOTHER great scene with another character this ep- Behrad! They have a nice conversation about trusting yourself and, for Behrad, standing up for yourself. They totally were gonna kiss until they were interrupted. Sigh. I don’t hate them together, I just ship Esperastra so hard!!!

*inserts heart eyes emoji and hears a whip crack*

As Behrad and Zari Tarazi make food for all the women at the factory, Bishop apologizes for his poor guest behavior and gives the team a device that will allow Gideon to control where the time machine goes when they use it! Yes, they can get home safely and accurately for SURE this time- as long as they get that machine fixed!

Everybody works around the clock to pitch in and eventually, they all do it! They finish the plane for the factory and Gwyn and Gary finish the time machine repairs, just as Eleanor Roosevelt herself arrives and.. Oh sh*t, head a**hole is unfrozen!

Well, with Eleanor Roosevelt there, head a**hole acts like everything is fine even tho he’s an uncomfy racist sexist piece of sh*t, and Eleanor praises him for providing better working conditions to the women and for intergrating the work force. In the end, it all worked out and Eleanor Roosevelt was a true champion of ALL women’s rights, right?

I hope you could tell my sarcasm there, cause she was one of the biggest faces of white feminism. It slapped me in the face when I heard “Aren’t we lucky ladies to have such strong and intelligent men in our lives?”.


I love how proud Astra looks here! Sometimes, progress is progress!

Doesn’t feel quite like a mid-season finale, right? I couldn’t agree more! At least, I did until the last 4 minutes…

Because of what the Legends did, Eleanor Roosevelt decided to go to Congress and push for integrated factories…. 2 years earlier than in original history.

You know what that means??



You created what you swore to destroy!!!

Immediate chaos breaks out and the Legends all fight to run to the time machine- Bishop and Gideon test out Bishop’s new device with the machine and they move closer to where the rest of the Legends are. It’s like a Call of Duty mission as the Legends all run to get to the time machine- assault rifles are firing left and right with soldiers everywhere! Who are these soldiers of Evil Gideon’s?

Everyone begins to panic about possibly dying right then and there. Ava even goes along with Nate’s offer to turn to steel and cover the other’s to get to the machine, but Sara isn’t having it

"I already told you, I am NOT leaving you again” catch me crying in the club

Bishop comes out of nowhere standing in a plane cockpit and starts shooting at the soldiers to distract them. The Legends make it to the time machine and Sara calls out to Bishop, but it’s too late. The soldiers got him. We see one take him and, as he salutes Sara and she salutes back to him, he’s shot in the head and killed (ASSUMINGLY- important to note we don’t see the kill, only hear the gunshot).


As the Legends travel away in the time machine safely, we see the soldiers take off their fallen ones’ masks- they are robots/clones of the Legends themselves! YESSS! YESSSS! WE ARE GETTING EVIL LEGENDS! WHICH MEANS EVIL SARA LANCE!!! YES YES YES GIMME BACK THOSE ASSASSIN VIBES!

“Those suckers are gonna pay for this” can I pay too???

And there you have it folks! When Legends of Tomorrow comes back in January, the Legends will be fighting their evil counterparts!!! YESSSSSS! So ready for that!!!!! The cherry on top would be seeing evil Avalance and evil Esperastra falling in love with each other. I need it!!!

What did yall think of this mid-season finale??? Do you think that was a solid cliffhanger to end on?

Don’t forget, Legends may be on hiatus, but the animated special Beebo Saves Christmas is on The CW this Wednesday night, 12/1, at 8pmET! An encore presentation will air Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 8 pmET!

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 returns on The CW January 12, 2022 at 8pmET!

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