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Recap: 7x06 Legends of Tomorrow!

As you may know, I've been loving this season of Legends! It has the potential to become my new favorite season- but will it? How does this new episode measure up to that potential? Let's dig right in!

We start the episode off with Bishop in the future with one of the AVAs he has made, Assistant Ava. Compared to the Bishop we knew last season, this Bishop is.. Innocent, kind, and still wants to change the world for the better. He still believes he is truly good. Every house and business has an AVA- and he thinks this is a good thing!

I think I know what I'm doing, so that makes me a genius, right?

Assistant AVA asks Bishop to show her his secret project, to which he shows her the new Gideon and Waverider that he has built! ICYMI, Bishop remembers what the Legends “did to him” in another timeline (erased his memories, etc etc) and he’s still really upset about it. He thinks the Legends erased his memories and such with no cause, therefore making them evil, when in reality he just doesn’t remember that HE was the “bad guy” in this scenario… Sigh. I do like this twist on Bishop, though. Makes him a fun, goofy, flawed character instead of a scary villain.

Regardless.. this is going to be my face most this episode

Anyways, the most important thing other than the fact that Bishop is TOTALLY the one that blew up the Waverider at the end of Season 6, causing the Legends to stay in the 1920s, is that this new Gideon he’s made is…. Well, she's exactly what Rip originally made her to be. Focused on only protecting the timeline at ANY cost, and willing to do whatever it takes to attain that goal. WHATEVER. IT. TAKES.

Back where we left the Legends at the end of episode 5, the gang is still all together, woohoo! The bad news? They are stuck in a time and place they aren’t sure of, need new parts for the time machine, and everyone is tightly-wound, including our co-captains Sara and Ava. Nate devises a plan: Zari and Behrad, go help wind Gwyn Davies down and then find some new parts; Astra, take Ava to go let some steam off; and Spooner, take Sara to go let some steam off somewhere else. Everybody needs some stress relief and therapy time!

me to the Legends writers during this ep: why why why did you make this such a filler ep?

Oh, and don’t forget: Nate is still trying to figure out if he’s going to move into a TOTEM with Zari Tomaz. Sigh. The writers really couldn’t just let her be gay, huh? I love Nate, and I love Zari, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of them together. Zari being in the totem now just makes it even… weirder. I’m still not really sure why this couple gets this much screen time on the show.. At this point, I ship Nate and Gary more. ANYWAYS

I mean, you may not agree with me, but can you tell me I'm wrong?

Gwyn is having a complete emotional meltdown while Behrad hangs out to the side and Zari Tomaz tries to help Gwyn process everything he is feeling. Honestly, how do the writers manage to ALWAYS write in wayyyy too much screen time for Matt Ryan’s characters on this show? I was worried they would do this with his new character after they did it so often with Constantine and, unfortunately, it seemed to happen this ep. I did not need 10 minutes of screentime of Gwyn whining about how he hates being stuck in another time and such. We get it! Say it once and move on. Good god. We have so many other characters on the show, share the time!

After Bishop destroyed the Legends’ original Waverider, His Gideon tells him that this attack caused Time aberrations, which led to the original J. Edgar Hoover getting killed, on accident, by the Legends. Bishop decides “hey, I can fix this! Robots!”. There you have it peeps, Bishop created the robots too! ..but is he truly the “villain” of this season again??

you know, im not sure about being a villain. Perhaps I could be a hero? Oh, I’m too flawed for that? Guess I’ll settle for a toy to use!

...Well, not quite folks. Remember how I said His Gideon would do whatever it takes to protect the timeline? At any cost? Well, His Gideon has deduced that Assistant Ava is in the way- she keeps trying to talk Bishop out of any plan His Gideon gives him- so guess what? GOODBYEEEE ASSISTANT AVA, REST IN PEACE

Honestly, I really enjoyed this Ava. Come back! There can be more than 1!

While Assistant Ava catapults to her doom, our Ava continues to unravel due to her stress, Astra decides: hey, let’s give her an axe!! Aggressive therapy activate!! Of course, once Ava gets the swing of things (heh), it works like a charm. There’s a reason Sara and Ava get along so well, huh?

I wonder why we don't all solve our problems like this? Dangerous? no worries! Violent? IS it? :P

Oh, and now Gary and Gideon are… f*cking.. In.. the… forest… l;kadsjflkadjflk


Gideon, how are you making the same face I’m making at you as you ask Gary if he wants to have sexual intercourse with you??

I mean.. GARY? GARY? Y’all writers really went “huh, who else can we throw together, aight Gideon you’re stuck with Gary now. Also, we refuse to make Spooner and Astra romantic” WRITERS IM WATCHING YOU I SEE YOU

Now that Assistant Ava is gone, Bishop is starting to see His Gideon’s… flaws. Her cruelty. Anyone else notice how His Gideon’s phrase “one time master, one AI” parallels the phrase “One Master, One Apprentice” from Star Wars, in reference to the Sith? Dun dun dun!!!

EVIL Gideon is trying to control all of Bishop’s actions now- and she’s gone so far as to make a robot of Bishop himself!!! WHATTT?? That’s right, and of course Bishop doesn’t like this, so once he checks to confirm this is what happened, he also realizes that he was wrong all along. In this other timeline, HE was the bad guy and the Legends were the good guys! GASP! Well, there it is folks. Bishop isn’t our bad guy this season. It’s Evil Gideon! Honestly, here for it! She’s gonna be a fun AND terrifying villain this season!

"Baby come back! You can blame it all on me!" "Baby, I'm you!" "*t!"

Remember how Gwyn was crying about himself with Zari and Behrad earlier? 20 minutes into the ep, that’s STILL happening! Lord have mercy. To be fair, yes, he has a tragic backstory of fighting in war and losing people he cares about, including the man he loved in secret. Yes, Matt Ryan’s second character on the show is gay, yayyyy! But also… he’s another tragic character that’s lost everyone he’s ever loved, just like Constantine. Sigh. SIGH.

the one good thing about this is seeing Zari be all empathetic and wonderful. But also, this isn’t ALL she’s good for, writers! Stop using her just to make the other male characters better!

Anyways, Gwyn finally stopped when Ukrainian soldiers found him and Zari and took them back to their base (Behrad had run off and hid, I guess).

That’s right folks: the Legends are stuck in April 1986, the time of the Chenobyl Accident, the worst nuclear accident in history! Finally, some new time-traveling plot, not just connecting dots from past episodes!

Behrad follows Zari and Gwyn back to the base to help break them free- but not before realizing exactly where and when they are. Upon hearing this, Gwyn panics and decides he can’t leave without trying to prevent this awful disaster. Anyone else hearing Ava scream NO NO DONT CHANGE TIME in the back of their mind? Or is that just me?

Back at de-stress camp, Astra and Ava meet back up with Spooner and Sara. I’ll take my Avalance crumbs this episode! The way that they still missed each other even after only being split up for minutes or, at most, hours? Please. I know this is probably slightly co-dependent, and I don’t care. I love them!

look at Ava’s ring!! Will Sara ever get one?? Pls god

(in reference to her cutting wood) Ava: It was someone really crazy Sara: I know, I’ve seen that. LMAO SARA IN WHAT CONTEXT

Don’t think I missed this line, writers!! I see the little things you throw in there! “The kids are all grown up” Avalance kids in the future??

After Gwyn, Zari, and Behrad warn the people about the impending disaster (as they should NOT have), they rush back to find the other Legends to inform them they’ve gotta get out of there- and they can because they found the parts that they needed for the time machine at the Ukrainian base!

As the Legends race to get the time machine up and running and get out of there, Evil Gideon has ordered Bishop to go take out the Legends, again! If you’ve seen the LOKI TV show, then you'll appreciate the side note Evil Gideon adds: it’s okay for Bishop to kill the Legends here because any ripples that are created because of that action will basically become absorbed within the catastrophic event that’s about to happen! So here we have it folks, Bishop and Evil Gideon are flying in to take out the Legends, while the Legends frantically try not to die. Woohooooo!

Oh also, don’t forget, Nate decided this was the perfect time to tell Zari he’ll live in the totem with her. Sigh. SIGH.

IDK about y’alls broadcast, but mine was cut off within the last few seconds of the ep, but based on the promo for this coming week’s ep- the Legends made it out just in the knick of time!

Overall, this episode was probably the weakest of the season so far. Was it a horrible episode? No, but it wasn’t great either. It was kind of just… there. It was filler. Hopefully, this next episode will not just be decent, but it’ll be GREAT like the past eps have been! I'm very excited for the next ep cause it looks like we will get lots of Sara and Ava, and not just as a couple, but the both of them doing their own hijinks. I personally believe Legends eps are stronger when we have more of these two characters, couple or not, involved!

What did you think of the episode? Do you think it was a strong or weak episode for the season? What do you think about Natari and Gary/Gideon? Come find me on Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi and let’s talk about it all!

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