Recap: 7x05 Legends of Tomorrow!

Welcome back Legends!! Last week’s episode was such a blast, I watched it twice in a row. I NEVER do that with television, especially not with episodes that just aired. But here we are! Legends of Tomorrow is in the middle of a great stride with Season 7- but did it continue this episode? Let’s find out!

We start out with The Bullet Blonde Squad and Zari Tomaz in New York City. That’s right, they made it! Gary didn’t f*ck it up, for once!

in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve never quite forgiven Gary for his horrible mistakes. What can I say, I know how to hold a grudge.

Gary lets Sara, Ava, and Behrad out of the pocket dimension and, forgetting they are still The Bullet Blondes in this time, the three of them run around with Gary to get some real food, like pizza. They end up having a run-in with a shopkeeper though, and after he insists there is no way they could be good ol’ Canadians, he pulls a shotgun on Ava and Sara. Of course, Sara is not about to let her wife get shot whether she’s invulnerable or not! She shoves Ava out of the way just as she is BLASTED with some shotgun shells.

NEVER take a shotgun close range kids, alright???

After Behrad disarms the shopkeeper using his air totem, he rushes over with Ava to help get Sara up. We see here that, while Sara has a healing factor, she is still not immune to pain.

There are SO many things to say about this one screenshot. Oh my god.

Back in the pocket dimension, Zari Tomaz is hard at work on figuring out how the Hoover bot works and who made him, while Nate is hard at work at trying to enjoy time with Zari while avoiding the serious conversation they need to have. I mean, why talk about serious things when you can have donuts?

Sara, Ava, Behrad, and Gary return to the pocket dimension and Sara insists she is fine when Zari and Nate show concern, while Ava is still stressed about the fact she had to see her wife take a shotgun at close range for her.

Y’all, every time I think I know how in love Sara and Ava are and how sappy they are, one or both of them do something that makes me SCREECH in sappiness. Oh my god. Just as Sara reassures Ava she’s fine, and we see the others start chatting about the Hoover bot, we see Ava sit down and kiss the area of Sara’s abdomen where her now-healed wound is.

Look I am WAY too sapphic and WAY too deprived of affection right now to handle this. Oh my GOD. SO. SOFT.

Anyways, catch me trying to find air to breathe. We see that Zari Tomaz has a decent hang of the Hoover bot’s programming. He keeps running his mouth about being a “patriot” so Zari simply mutes him. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just mute some people? Definitely playing god, but.. It would be nice sometimes heh.

Back on track, the Legends remind us viewers that they need to try to get information about where Gwyn Davies could be. In case you forgot, they need Gwyn Davies to invent time travel for them so they can get back to their current time and get the Waverider back!

We have another genius plan folks! (did you detect the sarcasm here?) Sara and Gary are just gonna go steal Davies’ research, build his time machine themselves, and get back to 2021! Woohoo! Sooooo easy, right?

After Ava’s reluctant blessing and a firm reminder to avoid leaving large footprints on the timeline, Sara and Gary go out to execute the plan. We see Gwyn Davies for the first time and, according to Gary and Sara, he looks like “Mick, with hair” or a “young Martin Stein”. Not like, ya know, John Constantine, the other character Matt Ryan has played on this show LOL. We love a writers room that has a good sense of humor!

ah yes, young Martin Stein totally had a big, fluffy beard and John’s eyes, right?

Can we also talk about Sara’s look here? Because, while her long hair is the best, this short hair is -doing- things to me!

God, I love seeing Sara do the sneaky-sneak again and so easily steal Davies’ files in PLAIN SIGHT. Like, either Davies is a fool or Sara is that good (I’d wager a bit of both. Davies is clearly an academic genius but.. otherwise)

Sara acting innocent will never not be funny

And we are only 6 minutes in folks because it's time for the greatest Legends theme yet and to check in with our other Legends: Astra, Spooner, and Gideon! In case you forgot, they are on a mission to make it to NYC as well, not only to meet up with the rest of the team but to keep them from blowing themselves up via the time machine they plan to use!

the way they are all lined up by height in this shot? So aesthetically pleasing to me

seeing Spooner and Gideon speak spanish to each other? I’m on my knees

Right now, they need to speed up their travel. At this rate, they will get to NYC in 2 weeks, and that is nowhere soon enough. They try to hitchhike, but it doesn’t work- until Astra uses a “spell” to make a stone she finds “lucky”. All of a sudden, they’re able to hitch a ride!

Tag yourself, I'm Gideon being like wtf is this

Back with the rest of the team, Behrad and Zari confirm that it’ll take about 5 years to make Davies’ time machine. Well, that just won’t do!

Look, we been knew I’m a simp for Sara. I just didn’t know I could be MORE of a simp for her. My god.

Ava reminds Sara that they can make it work, to which Sara reluctantly agrees- at least until she remembers she can drink booze- she’s not so reluctant now! “I totally support that, *after* you ninja Davies’ files back into his apartment”, Ava tells Sara, catching her arm before she can grab a bottle of booze. Yes, Ava just told her wife that she supports her getting wasted just as long as she *ninjas* Davies’ files back. Yes, ninjas is now a verb.

The way that Ava saying “yes my sexy ninja wife, get wasted but be smart first pls” warms my heart is absurd

With the understanding that she can get wasted afterward, Sara *ninjas* into Davies’ apartment and, not only finds him sleeping but finds out that he’s actually already built his time machine!

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to marry this shot.

True to her word, Sara succeeds in leaving Davies’ files in his apartment and she’s now getting liquored up. Specifically, she’s drinking out of a liquor bottle with Rip Hunter’s name on it. TALK ABOUT POETRY. GET WRECKED RIP.

She may not be an assassin anymore, but that doesn’t mean she stops drinking the blood of her enemies- i mean, what?

Behrad declares that they need just one more part for Davies’ machine and Sara’s like “SCAVENGER HUNT TIME”, to which Gary says that would be great, as he “loves to give himself to all things or even people”, and he glares directly at Nate. In case you forgot, Gary reminded Nate last ep that he needs to talk to Zari Tomaz about how they are going to *actually* make their relationship work, and Nate is *still* being stubborn about it.

The best part of this exchange is Zari has no idea what’s happening, so she leans into Nate and asks, “Did you and Gary hook up? I won’t be mad. I will be confused.”