Recap: 7x04 Legends of Tomorrow!

IT'S LEGENDS O'CLOCK AGAIN! Somehow, each episode of this season keeps getting better and better! Holy sh*t! I feel like I’m at Season 3 level of Legends of Tomorrow! Are we finding a new glorious peak on our favorite mess of a show??? Let’s get into this newest episode and discuss!

After last week’s MARVELOUS 100th ep, it’s back to furthering the plot of the season! Still stuck in the 1920’s, and on the run, Avalance (I’m gonna count them as one when it’s valid, aight? :D), Zari Tarazi, Nate, Behrad, and Gary are still racing to get to New York. And, well… They are still on the run since Avalance are wanted for being the BULLET BLONDES BABY LETS GOO!

*ahem* anyways, so they are on the run and, of course, had to end up in 1920’s Chicago this ep! Iconic!!

They seem to have a simple plan: buy three train tickets, have Avalance hide out in Constantine’s (Zari’s??) pocket dimension, and get to New York no problem! Whelp, as always, there’s not only one problem, but two problems- Gary spent too much of their money tipping people (agh a great cause Gary but not the time!) and Ava and Sara are too recognizable as The Bullet Blondes, especially with robot Hoover right on their tail. Time for some bad wigs and some frantic running!

When you're forced daily to remember “white men need to stop”

I bet you can’t guess what these wigs are referencing yet, huh?

They find a door they think they can put the key into their handy dandy pocket dimension, but, oops, it's the door to a speakeasy, and Mr. Eddie needs that password before they can go in!

I mean, Eddie can low-key get it. Oops??

Of course, the password is password. Once the Legends are in, we see and hear a GLORIOUS trumpet player playing BEAUTIFULLY and Behrad joins him with some solid guitar playing. I am INVESTED IN THIS!!

Seriously, you could watch this ep for the music alone

Don’t think we forgot our other Legends though! Astra, Spooner, and GIDEON (bless) are on a train trying to get to New York still. They end up smuggling themselves onto the train successfully after a kind woman covers for them not having tickets.


Am I the only one that thought "MELISSA BENOIST IS THAT YOU??”?

Sara and Ava are trying to think of a new plan on how to get their kids (let's be real, the other Legends are their kids) and themselves to New York. Not only are they on the run still, but… the public thinks they are sisters??!?! Oh god. Sapphics, if you’ve ever dated another woman, you might know this horror.. I know I do D:

Recognize the wigs now, Chicago fans? ;)

Sara comes up with a good starting plan to make some money: sell some of the never-ending booze from the pocket dimension to Eddie, our new friend who runs the speakeasy, and hope it’s a great turnout for the night! Well, good news folks: it's a fantastic turnout, and a great time for Zari and Eddie to bond.

I ship it, NGL

Back with our two future captains and their child???, Astra, Spooner, and Gideon are still on the train. They’ve now not only learned Maude is in a band, but that she has a terrible manager, and Astra is hell-bent on fixing that. With Astra’s encouragement, Maude fires her manager, and Astra takes over. Do you feel the Mama Bear Astra vibes, peeps??? Oh, just you wait! Unwittingly, our group of three ends up tangling themselves up in a performance with Maude that night- they’ll have to wait the next morning for the train. Isn’t it just a beautiful coincidence?

Mama knows how to play her cards!

It’s the end of the night and the other Legends head off to their pocket dimension for the night, all comfy and cozy. But Eddie, on the other hand.. Not so comfy and cozy. The mobsters who allowed Eddie to rent out the space heard that he got another supplier for alcohol, and well, they aren’t happy. They beat him and put him out of the speakeasy for working with The Bullet Blondes and, unfortunately, Eddie completely blames the Legends for this. Well, Legends screw things up, but they screw them up for the better, right?? Zari reminds the team that they are obligated to