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Monday Minute: Ock Puts Uncle Ben In His Place

This little piece of comic book delight comes from the Spider-Verse event. This event is a lot of fun and you can find the complete reading order here, or head to your local shop and see if they have the trade paperback.

In this moment, found in Amazing Spider-Man #13 (Spider-Verse, part 5), we find an Uncle Ben from another dimension where Ben is actually Spider-Man. They cover this briefly during the story (in a rather cool way). Ben is unwilling to help the other Spiders in their quest to defeat the Inheritors (who basically eat Spider-people). After Ben has a heartfelt conversation with Spider-Man, another Spider-Man chimes in. This Spider-Man is The Superior Spider-Man. For those who don't know, Superior Spider-Man is basically Otto Octavius' brain inside Peter Parker's body. Another fun story, for another time. This version of Spider-Man tells it like it is and doesn't spare the feelings of others. He believes he is superior to pretty much everyone, so he's kind of a jerk, but in this moment--he gives one heck of a motivational speech.

The moment continues on for a few pages, but you will have to read it for yourself. I highly recommend reading Spider-Verse. We have an increasing quantity of Spider-Verse related material (Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Geddon, etc.). Best to be prepared.

***Originally written for, and posted by The Nerd Bunker. Modified for The Wednesday Pull List.***

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