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This past Tuesday, DC Comics announced a great round-up of comics coming up later in 2022! 2 of these announcements were continuations; both of which writer Stephanie Williams is involved in!

That's right: Writer Stephanie Williams, praised as of late for her Nubia and The Amazons limited series, isn't stopping anytime soon!

This June, Nubia will continue her fantastic comeback in comics in Nubia: Queen of The Amazons, written by Stephanie Williams herself, Alitha Martinez, and Mark Morales.

But that's not all! Nubia will also have a story in DC's Pride Anthology, also releasing this June! Rejoice, Nubia and Stephanie Williams fans!

What does this all mean? Don't worry, we have all the answer to that question and so much more for you- but don't listen to us, listen to Stephanie!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephanie to talk all about Nubia, The Amazons, DC Pride, and so much more! Maybe even.. X-Men? Tune in below and let us know what you think!

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