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Nottingham #2: The Brutality Gets Cruelly Comedic, In The Best Way Possible

A Review of Nottingham #2

General plot points of the issue are referenced, but no major spoilers. Events in Issue #1 are referenced.

The cruelty and brutality continue!!!

After the last issue, for some reason, I thought we’d see what happened next from Robin Hood’s POV. But, nope, your Friendly Neighborhood Bi was wrong!

This issue is really cool because it seems to be divided into 2 main parts, the first one being The Sheriff. We get a flashback with The Sheriff, seemingly telling us if he actually has human feelings or not. While the flashback isn’t mind-blowing, the choices they make in both the writing and art to try and build empathy with him are. Much like the last issue, the shadows on The Sheriff’s face tell all. It seems that Hazan might be giving us character background on everyone throughout this line which, if I’m right about that, is going to make it even harder to tell who the “worst” is, and- I think that’s perfect. Much like I said in my review for the first issue, I LOVE the grey areas in this book, and it would be genius of Hazan to continue to capitalize on and emphasize those grey areas which each character.

The second part: The Investigation. Last issue, we, as the readers, saw and knew that Robin Hood killed The Sheriff’s prisoner- but The Sheriff and his lackeys have no idea who did it! It’s very interesting to me that Hazan chooses to have this be the center of the issue, even though we all know who did it. But, Hazan was right, it’s a gamble that pays off, because it’s very entertaining, as a reader knowing things characters don’t, to see the Sheriff interrogate all his guards and such- like a more-funny episode of Law and Order. The faces of the guards are almost comical in how droopy they look, and I can’t decide who looks funnier: the guards that are scared but know nothing, or the guards who know everything and have every right to be scared. The comedy with the former is fun as well. This investigation also leaves room for some horror elements, so if you are worried there isn’t still horror in this, there is!

The results of the investigation are far more pleasing than I thought they would be, and if the opening scenes weren’t enough action for you, then don’t worry, they’ve got you covered here at the end. Personally, the ending surprised me far more than I thought it would.

The art stays stellar for this book, even when much of this book seems to be slightly lighter in tone. It’s fascinating to see how this art style can work for horror, action, AND comedy. I personally would’ve never thought it’d be great for comedy, but here I am, writing that it is.

I think, more than anything, this issue serves as a lighter, comedic break from the last issue’s beyond-dark tones, while keeping us in this dark universe and reminding us as readers that we actually do not know as much as we think we do. Don’t know what I mean by that? … well, if you think you know everything, I guess you’ll have to pick up this issue huh?

Overall Consensus

This is definitely not the issue I thought I’d be getting after the last issue, but that’s not a bad thing! This was a ton of fun and much needed. (Yes, the brutality was fun to read too, oops?)

I’m hooked to this and have to see what they will pull next!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives this:

4 out of 5 Finger Guns

(because I'm bi)

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