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My Date With Monsters #2 REVIEW

If you’re looking for a supernatural series that hits on all the right notes, My Date With Monsters is for you!

From Aftershock Comics, Paul Tobin, Andy MacDonald, DJ Chavis, and Taylor Esposito, My Date With Monsters explores a common theme we’ve seen over this last year: what happens when monsters feed on things closest to us, such as our emotions or dreams? Some series, like Human Remains, focus on the seriousness of the matter, while My Date With Monsters looks at it in a lighter, but no less important light.

Dialogue is the hardest thing in the world to write and Paul Tobin makes it look au naturale. Usually, when I read a story that involves a mother and her daughter, I can only relate to one of them: the mother or the daughter (nowadays, I relate more to the mothers, so weird how age changes things!). However, in this story, somehow Tobin convinces me that I can relate to both of these characters, despite the age difference and the completely different perspectives they have.

Risa Himura, along with her monster friend Croak, is working to rid the world of the monsters that trouble the world anytime any person dreams. That’s right, no more dreaming kids, unless you want a monster to come to get you! The military is also tasked with ridding the world of these monsters. The problem, though? Some dreams are easier to stop than others. How do you get your own child to stop dreaming of you finding love again? You have to find love again, right?

That’s Risa’s greatest challenge- staying alive and keeping her daughter alive while she tries to find love again. This series is as ridiculous and chaotic as it sounds in the best way possible!

The comedy is always right on the money! Sexual jokes are neither too grotesque nor too cheesy; comments about sexuality are humorous but not in a way that makes fun of sexuality itself, but rather, the circumstances that surround the comment. The balance between adult and pg-13 humor is almost perfect. Do you know how hard it is to find stories that walk this line so well? My Date With Monsters makes it seem like that line is a pool to swim in!

Furthermore, this second issue has the perfect balance of accelerating the “people are dying” plot while continuing the comedic plot with the mother trying to find love again. The pacing is perfect, capturing me for every panel of the issue! Did you notice Taylor Esposito's brilliant lettering above, too? I absolutely love when letterers make sure that the monsters' dialogue looks different, cause they would sound different! It's the seemingly little things that make all the difference on a panel!

Speaking of panels: MacDonald’s art has a beautiful texture to it! It makes every second of the comic feel real, even in this supernatural universe. I really love how MacDonald captures movement throughout each page, whether it’s a monster running or transitioning a character’s face from one expression to another in the next panel over.

It’s almost like it’s drawn to be converted to television, particularly with the “camera angles” chosen for each panel… hmm… (one can hope).

Finally, DJ Chavis' colors make this book SHINE. My goodness- I mean, look at this! holy moly! Supernatural could never! (Sorry Supernatural fans, I had to!)

My Date With Monsters continues to be an utter delight and I can’t wait to see it continue! We need more stories that balance out the dark truths with the comedic realities of life, no matter the universe! Do yourselves a favor: Add this to your pull lists, it’s the best holiday gift you can give yourself!

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