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Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Releases! 10.27.21

If you are looking for the queerest new releases each week, Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi has you covered! Please note, currently, these are books I am personally pulling, so if I am missing any that you might be pulling, please feel free to let me know on my Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi! If there is an LGBTQIA+ book YOU want me to mention, let me know! Let's do this!

First up...

Lady Baltimore #5

Published by Dark Horse Comics, Written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, Art by Bridgit Connell, Colors by Michelle Madsen, and Variant Cover by Abigail Larson

If you like magic, witches, kickass women, and great art, look no further than Lady Baltimore! I've been happily surprised by how well written this story is and, how even in the context of the time period this book takes place in, the queerness within it is fairly normalized.

Official Synopsis:

The Hexencorps trap has been sprung on Sofia Baltimore and her party. But as they try to make their desperate escape from a remote village, they may have more in their favor than any of them realized!


A Man Among Ye #7

Published by Top Cow, an Image Comics Imprint, Written by Stephanie Phillps, Art by Josh George, Colors by John Kalisz, and Letters by Troy Peteri

Looking for great pirate content, lots of women, and some great BI representation?? Look no further than A Man Among Ye, written by an out bi woman herself, Stephanie Phillips! Woohoo!

Official Synopsis:

Seeking a mysterious treasure at the urging of an even more mysterious woman, Anne Bonny and her crew of cutthroat ladies head back to the high seas. But will they find untold gold and jewels where X marks the spot, or is something far more sinister waiting for them?


Inferno #2

Published by Marvel Comics, Written by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Stefano Caselli, Colors by David Curiel, and Letters by Joe Sabino

This whole event is about the most important couple in Marvel Comics right now: MYSTIQUE AND DESTINY! That's right, the fate of the Marvel Universe is in the hands of two sapphics- they are WIVES, your honor! This is the Marvel event you CAN'T miss! The fate of the universe is in the hands of the gays!

Official Synopsis:

FEEL THE FIRE! Secrets. Lies. They have a way of coming out and biting you when you least expect them. The secrets and lies of Krakoa will shake it to its foundation. Head of X Jonathan Hickman continues a tale of consequences with one of his first Marvel collaborators, artist Stefano Caselli (SECRET WARRIORS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, MARAUDERS)!


Harley Quinn #8

Published by DC Comics, Written by Stephanie Phillips, Art by Riley Rossmo, Colors by FCO Plascencia

What's this- ANOTHER book from Writer Stephanie Phillips? That's right, Phillips is giving the gays what we want and I couldn't be more thrilled! This run of Harley has been the best since Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's original run- get on this queer ride ASAP!

Official Synopsis:

Sorry, Harley’s not here right now, but this is her trusted sidekick Kevin, and I’m happy to be keeping watch over the streets of Gotham. The city’s gone a little crazy with the Magistrate’s forces cracking down. I just hope that Harley’s mission to Alley Town with Catwoman and the Gardener is successful in finding the missing piece of Poison Ivy that could be the very key to saving Gotham. In the meantime, I’ll help put fires out around Gotham…literally…and I might get some unexpected help in the process! Fear State part two continues here!

What books did I miss for the week of 10/27/21?? Let me know on my Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBI! What other books are you looking forward to this year? Let's make it as queer and great as possible :) Until next time friends!

You can find Lauren, Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi, at all her links here:

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