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Monday Minute: Invincible 137 (again)

That’s right. Another Monday Minute from Invincible 137. Wanna fight about it?

SPOILERS AHEAD. Like, big ones…

Seriously, don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers. There will definitely be spoilers from the comics (obviously), but this may wind up spoiling things to come for the show too.

Invincible 137 is packed full of goodies. One of these delicious treats is a little scene that features the families of the Viltrumites who have inhabited Earth. The Viltrumites have gone to aid in the fight against Thragg, leaving their families behind. We see several faces. Some of them seem shocked, some of them seem scared, some seem sad. The dialogue explains a dire circumstance.

That sounds pretty serious. But who is talking to these people? Oh yeah! That treacherous jerkface we all love/hate so much...

This was a huge moment in the comics. Robot had already started down the crappy path of awfulness, and this was just another awful stepping stone. The way Kirkman and crew handled this sequence is quite awesome. Great suspense. Great reveal. Great moment.

Come back next week for more Invincible. I’ll be on that train for a while. Deal with it.

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