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Monday Minute: Invincible 137

It’s time for another Monday Minute! This week, I want to draw your attention to Invincible 137. A fantastic issue (duh) that is filled with intensity, and heavy plot points. Given what I just said, it should be pretty obvious that there will be spoilers throughout the rest of this post. If you haven’t read the first 136 issues, or you haven’t seen the animated series, turn back now. SPOILERS!!!

And awaaaaaaay we go!

In this issue, we see the good guys prepping to fight the bad guys. It’s about to get real rough, real fast. Mark and Allen are the primary focus here. You can feel the energy ramping up as they prepare to battle Thragg and his child army. Then Mark asks Allen a question…

Classic Allen…

I love this moment because we see Allen getting back to his more lighthearted side. This is enhanced (for me) by imagining Seth Rogen’s voice for Allen. The Rock is an acceptable alternative.

What was that “awesome reason”?

Boom! Turns out they are stashing Viltrumites as part of a surprise attack. I remember reading this for the first time and getting all kinds of HYPED! Gosh, I hope we get enough seasons of Invincible to get this far.

Well, that’s it. That’s the end. If you enjoyed it, come back next Monday for another Monday Minute from this SAME ISSUE.

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