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Monday Minute: Invincible 133 (again)


Before you even BEGIN to read this week’s Monday Minute, I must caution you. There will be SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS for Invincible. If you haven’t read the comics or watched the show, turn back now!

This week’s Monday Minute comes from Invincible 133. Yes, I realize that I already did a Monday Minute from this issue. I don’t care. You’re lucky I don’t do more. It’s a great issue.

In this issue we find Mark and Allen fighting about Oliver’s death. A gut punch for the entire fandom. After Mark and Allen go at it for a bit, Eve steps in. Eve doesn’t hold anything back as she lays into her husband, fueled by her frustrations as a parent and the gravity of all that surrounds the situation.

Mark tries to explain himself, but quickly realizes he is out of line. You can see him shift into a posture of humility as he begins to grasp his missteps, but Eve does not relent. She isn’t letting him off the hook that easily.

Oh, crap…here it comes…

For those familiar with the story, you know what Eve has been through. She has been left to deal with the fallout of every mistake Mark has made. She has been forced to think of her family (and everyone else) first, while Mark has been careless, often unwittingly, throughout their marriage.

Dang. That’s some heavy stuff. I love this scene because it highlights Eve’s strength. Yes, she has superpowers, but her strength comes from who she is. She grows so much over the course of the comic and is one of the best characters in the book. That is an incredibly high bar considering the fact that every character is excellent.

Happy Monday, nerds! Go read some Invincible!

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