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Monday Minute: Invincible #133


If you have not read the first 132 issues of Invincible, I strongly suggest not reading the rest of this post. This moment is also a lot more significant for those who have read the comics. Keep in mind, this may also sort of spoil some things for the animated series. Having said that, do what you want.

In the final pages of Invincible #133, Allen confesses some very significant truths to Telia. This is a huge moment for a number of reasons. This is where we see Allen fully realize the consequences of his actions as a leader. This moment is one of the deepest and saddest moments in the Invincible story (and there is a fair amount of competition for that). Seeing Allen like this is hard. We see him dealing with the fallout of his decisions at a more intimate level than he has had to before. This moment hits you right in the gut. Enjoy!

***Originally posted by The Nerd Bunker. Modified and updated for The Wednesday Pull List!***

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