Loki Episode 4 - Nexus Event - Recap

FULL SPOILERS for Episode 4 of Loki follow - you've been warned!

Loki is BACK and if you were getting a little too comfortable with the show, this episode is for you! It’s time for shi*t to hit the fan whether we like it or not!

We start the episode with a Loki variant - a little girl. She’s captured by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) but she escapes at her hearing- all while Ravonna of the TVA watches in horror. She failed to stop the variant and she knows she won’t ever live this down. By this alone, we can infer this is a past event.

In the current time, we see Ravonna come back from talking with the Timekeepers - they are less than pleased. Agent Mobius is begging to speak with the soldier that encountered Sylvie, Hunter C-20, but Ravonna tells him she’s dead since she came back brain dead and that no one can know. Do we believe this at all, viewers and readers? Hell no!

"Can you feel the love tonight?" ...wait....

Finally, back where last week’s episode ended, Loki and Sylvie are still on the doomed planet. Sylvie talks about her memory of Asgard as a child and how the TVA ruined that- ah ha! She was the kid at the beginning that escaped! Now it makes sense why we were shown that memory. Loki and Sylvie keep talking more while the TVA works to find them. As Loki and Sylvie bond, have a soft moment, and touch, the TVA gets a reading on where they are. But it’s not just any reading- it’s a whole new branch in the timeline being created. The TVA grabs them and takes them in. They split them up, with Agent Mobius taking Loki.

Of course, Mobius is feeling all butt hurt and high and mighty. After taunting Loki and allowing Loki one more line warning him that the TVA is lying to him, Mobius throws Loki through a red portal. The first thing he sees? Sif herself! Unfortunately for Loki, he now gets to relive this harsh moment with her over and over again. A literal knee to the knards every. Single. Time. He tries to break out of it by convincing Sif of what’s happening to him, to no avail. Honestly, this was pretty hilarious and I appreciated it.

I can't believe she came back as Sif just to beat him up. Iconic.

While Loki is going through his torture, Mobius begs Ravonna to allow him to talk with Sylvie but she won’t allow it. She claims it’s because Sylvie is too dangerous and too likely to get away again- but do we truly believe this is her real reasoning, viewers and readers? Nope, not at all- or at least I don’t!

Mobius talks with Hunter B-15 next, who asks him what Loki said to him. Mobius tells Hunter B-15 that Loki said the TVA is lying to him and Hunter B-15’s face drops. Hmmm.. at least someone seems to be taking this seriously.

Soon after, as Loki continues to take his neverending beating and Sif reminds Loki that he is alone and always will be one last time, Mobius comes in to talk to Loki. They go back and forth, supposedly reaching a stalemate until Mobius threatens to put Loki back in the repeating memory with Sif. Loki caves and takes the blame for everything and thinks he’s all high and mighty, at least until he learns that Sylvie has supposedly been eradicated.

and.. oh dear…

Whelp, so it is now canon that Loki and Sylvie have a thing for each other. A romantic thing. Well, Mobius isn’t wrong when he says that Loki fell for himself. Damn. I don’t know how to feel about this other than… it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened?

Dad, you told me to love myself! You didn't say how!

ANYWAYS, as Loki and Mobius begin arguing, Loki explodes and yells out “You’re all variants!”. He tries to explain that all people that work for the TVA are variants that were kidnapped from the timeline, but of course, Mobius doesn’t buy it, which is a shame since it’s the one time Loki is telling the truth.

We see Hunter B-15 struggling emotionally, presumably after what Mobius told her. She walks into Sylvie’s chamber and opens a portal, asking her to walk through it with her. B-15 takes Sylvie back to where Sylvie got into her head a bit and asks Sylvie to show her the truth- how she had a life before the TVA; How she’s a variant. Sylvie shows her and B-15 is sold- what do they need to do next?

Can we exchange friendship bracelets now?

Lots of things are building up, if you can’t already tell peeps! If you think there’s going to be an EXPLOSION of craziness at some point- then you’re absolutely right!

We’re just not quite there yet. Mobius talks with Ravonna and tries to get information out of her, but she dodges all his questions. Eventually, she moves away to put a “trophy” on her shelf and Mobius takes the opportunity to switch her device with his. Clearly, Mobius doesn’t completely trust her, as much as he wants to. Thank GOD he’s having a brain cell. I was getting really concerned this entire episode. On the stolen device, Mobius sees that the soldier who’s supposed to be dead, Hunter C-20 wasn’t brain dead at all; she was completely coherent and simply recounting the life she now remembered before the TVA. Welp, here we go folks!

She has NO right to look this good

Cue Mobius running in to get Loki!

…and Ravonna catching them both.

And Ravonna ordering Mobius to be pruned immediately. I.E. destroyed forever. Immediately.

Cue Mobius being pruned immediately.

Well, holy sh*t. That wasn’t what I expected at all. I was hoping he’d get his moment on a jet ski one day. Damn.

Welp, if you think THAT’S crazy, keep reading, because nothing stopped after that, as Loki and Sylvie are both taken to the elevator to meet the Timekeepers with Ravonna.

One of my favorite moments of this entire episode was in the elevator when Sylvie asks Ravonna what her nexus event was- the event that was so worth taking her life for; the event that caused so much disarray in the timeline that warranted her erasure. Ravonna’s answer: she can’t remember. OW. What a harsh moment. What a h