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Loki Episode 3: "Lamentis" Recap - Sibling Time!

It's Wednesday and you know what that means?

Grab your comics and when you need a break from reading, turn on another episode of LOKI!

This week's episode was a great episode for Loki's character and I was excited to see him get some growth outside of his little "buddy" at the Time Variance Authority (TVA), Agent Mobius. If you remember the last episode, we met the other Loki variant and we saw her portal into the TVA headquarters with our Loki following. At the start of this episode, we see one key detail: in order for this other Loki variant to get the location of the TVA, she had to search through one soldier's memories. Hang on to this piece of information folks because it comes right back around!

"Lady Loki", or as we learn later in the episode she prefers to go by, Sylvie gets into the TVA and quickly learns her magic doesn't work, so we get to see some fun hand-to-hand ass-kicking from her. We love to see magically-focused characters fight with their fists and legs! Who says you can't be more than one class, am I right?

..Just me? Cool Cool. Anyways! Loki follows Sylvie into the TVA and eventually catches up to her. Loki proposes they team up, but Sylvie is not having it and they proceed to fight. Eventually, some Time Keeper Soldiers catch up to them and Loki teleports them out of the TVA at the last second, saving both their lives, but at the cost of the device they used to teleport being damaged. YIKES. Of course, now they are trapped wherever Loki teleported them to which is.. the year 2077 on Lamentis-1, a moon that is about to be crushed by a planet. Doesn't that sound fun?!?

All jokes aside, from here on out this episode really is about Loki and Sylvie bonding. We learn a lot of information just by watching these two constantly bicker, the first and foremost being that even though they are variants of each other, they are basically siblings. I mean.. do you hear them bicker? Let me tell you, I was glad they kept the sibling approach with their relationship because at one point I was worried they were going another direction and that would have been an absolute wreck...

This is NOT a time for a kiss. Thank god that didn't happen.... yikes

“Brute force is no match for diplomacy and guile”

As Loki and Sylvie travel around, they try to get some basic information about how they can get themselves off this doomed moon, and eventually they learn that there is an evacuation vessel. AKA, an ark. Yes, like Noah’s, but for people! All aboard, everyone! (Unless you aren't white, rich, etc. Ugh.) Loki and Sylvie “sneak” onto a train that will take them to where the ark is.

While they wait on the train, Loki and Sylvie get a good amount of time to talk. This is where a good amount of the "meat" of the episode comes in. They talk about many things- their mothers, whether they knew they were adopted or not at a young age, even their past love lives. We learn from Sylvie that she's got a post office man (yeah, I know, so random right?) back home for her, while Loki doesn't have anyone currently, despite the many "princes and princesses" he's been with. Yes, you read that correctly, it is now canon that Loki has been with men and women, finally!! We been knew! I loved the added touch of the mountains having some bi-color in them to mark this moment. I don't think that was intentional at all, as those were just the colors of the planet, but I'll take it. I read what I wanna read into it!

After they talk a while, Sylvie actually falls asleep and, when she wakes up, Loki is singing boisterously and enjoying life. He's drunk and Sylvie is not having it, particularly because it could blow their cover- which is what happens right after we get a quick homage to the first Thor movie, as Loki throws his glass to the ground and yells "ANOTHER!" much like his brother did before. The second they are noticed they are forced to try to fight their way out, at least, until Loki gets thrown out the window. I mean, he definitely needed it yes? At least after how the last episode ended...

The good news for Loki is that Sylvie jumps out after him! Sylvie is pissed as hell but, as they continue to talk and bond and begin coming up with a new plan, Sylvie reveals an important piece of information- and yes, this is where PLOT comes in folks: the TVA soldier that Sylvie enchanted at the beginning of the episode to get the location of the Time Keepers? Well, Sylvie had to go back hundreds of years in her memories to ensure her success of getting the information… including before the soldier was recruited by the Time Keepers.

Yup, that's right, the soldier was recruited! She wasn’t created by the Time Keepers! Of course, she was “just a regular person on Earth”. and even better? Sylvie tells all of us, Loki included, that not only were they not created by the Time Keepers, but the TVA soldiers are actually variants themselves! *insert explosion sound here* Man, imagine how heartbroken Mobius is going to be when Loki tells him in a later episode...

“Do we trust each other? …Good, cause this is gonna suck.”

I will say, the one thing I wasn't so thrilled about this episode was the ending. Seconds before the credits roll, Sylvie and Loki proceed to try to get to the ark as quickly as possible and everything around them is chaos-reasonably so, if the moon is about to be smashed by a planet, right? The problem is, even after all their fighting, all their trying, all their hard work, right before Sylvie and Loki get to it… the ark is destroyed. And that is where the episode ends.

I'm not sure if it's a cliffhanger here if I feel very little hope. Like... I know Loki is going to be fine and such, this is the Loki show after all, but I also can't see an actual way for them to get off the moon yet. My guess is the Mobius is going to come to save them though. What is your guess? How are they going to get off this moon? Let me know on my Twitter! I'm always ready to hear people's theories!

Overall Consensus

I really liked this episode- Sylvie and Loki have great sibling chemistry that reminds me of me and my own siblings. This clearly was a bonding episode for them and it was needed. I'm hoping the next episode expands on the plot more, especially with the information we learned from Sylvie this episode, but we will just have to see! Overall, I see this as a future "comfort" episode- something that is easy and enjoyable to watch repeatedly in the future, no matter how crazy the plot of the show may get.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives this:

3.5 out of 5 finger guns

(because I’m bi)

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