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Legends of Tomorrow Recap of 6x05: The Satanist's Apprentice

First of all, I am SO sorry for being so behind. I haven’t recapped/reviewed the last 3 episodes of Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow. To be honest, I didn’t care for the 2nd and 3rd episodes, so I didn’t really want to recap them. The 4th episode I enjoyed but was pressed for time and energy with personal things. But I am here now and I am READY TO TALK SOME LEGENDS!

This is your warning: this is ALL spoilers here! If you don't want them, click away now!



At first, I thought this was just going to be a silly and fun Legends chaos episode, and for the most part, it was! But then… that ending y’all… ooooo something BIG happened! And we have GOT to talk about it, so let's dig in!

As we all know, much of this episode was heavily centered on Astra, as she’s been gone the past three episodes! I’m so glad the writers gave her an episode heavily focused on her after all this time of not seeing her; it’s much needed and I was slightly concerned before that they weren’t going to focus on her enough.

We start the episode off with, of course, Astra herself! She wakes up, feels fabulous, and ready to conquer her day. However, when she goes out into the “human world”, she realizes things are especially hard: paying bills is impossible, getting a job is impossible, people, such as her racist neighbor, are cruel, and she has no one to help her figure it out. We see her get more tired and frustrated as John Constantine runs in and out of the house, completely absorbed with himself… and Zari Tarazi. We see how while the events of episodes 2-4 of Legends were happening, Astra was completely struggling.

Astra wanted to burn this man alive and, as Pyro would say, BURN BABY BURN!

As the ep continues, we see her find a dude that John trapped in a painting a long time ago. Even if you don’t recognize the name Aleister Crowley, it’s clear the second he starts talking and trying to empathize with Astra about her struggles that he is definitely a bad guy (if John trapping him in a painting wasn’t enough, ya know?).

Because Astra is so frustrated, in particular with John, she does a fairly simple spell that allows John and Crowley to switch places- John into the painting and Crowley into John’s body- not only to screw with John but because she wants Crowley to teach her magic. Crowley places nice at first, of course, but we all know where this goes, right?

Crowley has NO right to stand next to Astra, looking and being at least 2000% better than him!

While all this is happening, Sara is where we left her in 6x04 - stuck in Bishop’s clutches. In case you didn’t know, Bishop is the dude who created all the Ava clones and thinks he knows everything. He’s also got the vibes of a hella pretentious hipster billionaire and I hate it. That said- so far he’s a good villain, I guess? I gotta say- his whole pretentious projector presentation? Absolutely a great touch. Hilarious and really adds to his character.

Elon Musk headas*. He wants to go to space and "save humans". Soooo original.

Anyways, what really matters here is Sara, right? Sara hears out his ridiculous plan that Bishop thinks isn’t evil but totally is, calls him out on it, and he still… wants to be a pretentious hipster billionaire. Of course, but it’s still unclear exactly what he wants from her. He ends up claiming he wants her to train all the “Avas” he has, but Sara isn’t down with that. She tries explaining that her Ava, our Ava, Ava herself, IS real. IS her own person. Bishop isn’t buying it and I am READY to see a showdown between him and our Ava later on this season, where she proves she IS her own person and she DOES make her own choices- his “programming” is garbage. SO. SO. READY FOR AVA TO RISE AT THE END OF THIS SEASON!

This is NOT the game of doctor Sara asked to play with her Ava!

I also love to see Jes Macallan playing the clones again. It’s so weird and almost uncomfortable at times, but because Macallan is SO good at playing it up! She’s so good! I’m just having the weirdest, best time watching this chaos. She and Caity have chemistry no matter what roles they play alongside each other but are still able to draw the lines and make different relationships and interactions clear. I never once thought Sara was gonna want to “be with” any of these Avas; she STILL sees THIS Ava as a person too- not her Ava obviously, but a person nonetheless. She still wants to help this Ava too, even if it’s not the one she’s in love with. Sara Lance, a true icon, a true hero.

How to escape murder: tell them you're okay with it. It's the Jester in Town of Salem, right?

One scene that truly cracked me up with this other Ava and Sara was where Sara threatens to kill her and this Ava goes “okay, do it anyway, I’m serving him!” and Sara’s just like… “what the f*ck, no never mind”, and proceeds to NOT kill this Ava. t was just hilarious to see Sara go “What the hell, I can’t kill her now, she’s okay with it!”. She eventually settles for trying to empower this Ava to be her own person, like Sara believes she can be, and help her find her ship and get out.

Eventually, with Astra’s story, we catch up with where 6x04 ended- the Legends all barge in, demanding amazing hospitality like the bratty children they definitely can be, and Astra isn’t having it . She turns them ALL into talking objects- some are obvious and funny like Spooner becoming a fork with a cowboy hat, Ava becoming a binder, Zari Tarazi becoming a flip phone- but Nate becoming cheese? Did I miss the joke there? Either way, it was unexpected and I loved it!

Oh look, it's Olivia Swann carrying (the) Legends, because she's THAT good!

Crowley lures Astra into practicing higher Dark Magic after she does so great with the basics of course. He tells her to complete this next big ritual that he needs a live human soul with a beating heart in the necklace she has. She decides to call the racist neighbor from earlier over to come to look at an antique lamp, in hopes of taking his soul. I mean, can you blame her?! F*ck the racist!

Despite that though, sadly we have morals and blah blah blah, right? So the Legends, as talking objects, try to talk her out of taking the as*hole’s soul, and, eventually they succeed. She tries to let him go but at the last second, Crowley takes his soul and becomes invulnerable to being put back into the painting. He casts a spell and sends everyone in the house into this new, animated world where Astra is “just” a Disney Princess. Clearly, he doesn’t know there’s no such thing as “just” a Disney Princess! They ALWAYS win Crowley, no matter how cheesy and naive some may be!

CW, you can do THIS animation. that's IT.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the animation here. Oh my god. It is SO FUN. It really feels like another Beebo moment for me. Nothing can compete with Beebo, but it’s close for me. To me, this proved to me what I’ve been saying, especially since COVID-19 hit: make a full-length Legends episode, cowards!

And let me say: You can tell Olivia Swann isn’t a singer here, but god she does SO great, and full props to her for going all out and doing it! She did SO great and I’m so glad that even though she knows she’s not the strongest singer, she didn’t shy away from doing the singing. And my GOD is Olivia Swann such a phenomenal actress, so it doesn’t even matter if she’s not as strong a singer!

Introducing, The Mighty Morphin Legends!

I absolutely LOVED seeing all the Legends, as animated talking objects, try to beat up Crowley. Utterly hysterical and a scene I won’t soon forget! It reminded me of the objects of the castle in Beauty of the Beast and it was great. Furthermore, defeating Crowley by Astra using her mom’s expulsion spell to sing Crowley to sleep was utterly ridiculous cheesy Disney Princess silliness and I loved every second of it.

In the end of Astra’s plot this episode, Crowley is put back in the painting and locked away, and Astra and John have a good and much-needed heart-to-heart moment. It becomes slightly heartbreaking when John reveals that the expulsion spell worked on everyone in the house, not just Crowley, and he is now not a master sorcerer like before. What does this mean for John now? Is he going to choose to try and settle down with Zari Tarazi, who he has a romantic relationship with now? Will he still practice magic? Honestly, I have no idea what the writers have planned for him.

I loved this arc with Astra and Olivia Swann can carry her own show- this proved that much for me. I sure hope one day she does get her BIG break and gets her own show of some sort!

But folks, we aren’t done yet!! What happened with Sara and Bishop and the Ava clones?

I am 100% okay with this being a random moment just for us to see Sara's arms. MHMM GRAVEL!

Back with Sara, the Ava Clone meets with her- as Sara is doing PUSH-UPS oh my god, have I ever mentioned Sara's ARMS?!??! - claiming she wants to help Sara now. But it’s such a quick and drastic change from her worshipping Bishop, “her creator”, that I couldn’t believe it for a second. And sure enough, readers, I was proven correct- unfortunately. Sara and this Ava find the ship, but Bishop and some other Ava Clones show up. It was a set-up, and this Ava Clone was never siding with Sara. We see that Bishop took DNA from ALL captured on the ship Sara was on- and Sara gets PISSED.

Even hipster pretentious billionaires need night lights

And dear readers, this is when shit hit the fan for me this episode because Sara goes OFF!

Not only is she badass and beating down every single Ava in that room (there’s at least 6 or so I believe?), but she gets to Bishop and- y’all, I lost it, because this hasn’t happened since season one Sara-

Snap that, all on the floor, snap that..
Kill them some more, snap that, oh oh oh ohhhh....




Now, I knew that Bishop couldn’t actually be dead. He’s the main villain of this season. Something weird here is happening, and sure enough, we see Sara wake up in Bishop’s layer and Bishop is well and alive. But here’s the thing:

Sara was shocked to see him alive.




I’m still processing this as I type this but my god, Sara Lance (basically) just KILLED someone for the first time since season 1!!! The season where she had to fight her bloodlust to kill everyone daily because of what the Lazarus Pit did to her when she came back to life!

That’s inSANE!

I also must say, Caity Lotz has not forgotten what the Sara Lance killing face looks like- she did it perfectly here like it hasn’t been years since she did it!

I don't want Sara to regress, but I can't lie, I missed her killing face. Oops?

I wonder how or if they will explore this with her character more, I sure hope they do, because if they just did that and then it’s not something addressed as this season goes on, I’m going to be really ticked. Sara and her viewpoint on killing have been a thing since ARROW. If she’s killing again and okay with it, no matter how much I agree with her taking Bishop out- that’s a big deal for her character.

I truly don’t know how to process this but my jaw truly dropped and oh my god she killed again.

The executive producers of Legends weren’t playing when they said she was going back towards her League of Assassins days, huh?

Overall, this episode was the perfect amount of Legends chaos I needed. Olivia Swann can carry a show all by herself because she’s THAT fantastic, and I’m still panicking over the most dangerous creature in the universe, Sara Lance, and what’s going to happen with her next!

I need to watch the season opener again, but for now, I’ll say it: this is my favorite episode of Season 6 of Legends so far! It’s hard to make these two stories work together, but the writers and Caity Lotz, who directed this episode, did an AMAZING job!

Congrats to Caity Lotz on another great episode of directing and congrats to the cast and crew for another ridiculously, insane, fun episode! This is exactly what I needed to get back into truly enjoying the season of Legends of Tomorrow and I’m so excited for next week’s episode!

P.S. I totally missed it but couldn't find a great place to put it in my initial thoughts, but I enjoyed the Wynonna Earp call back they did in this ep and how they referenced season two being the best season. Facts on facts!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives episode 6x05 of Legends of Tomorrow:

4 out of 5 finger guns

(because I’m bi)

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