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Legends of Tomorrow Recap - 7x02!

We’re back again nerds! Legends of Tomorrow returns with its chaos at 8pmET TONIGHT 10/27, with its 100th episode, so.. Let’s make sure we are caught up ALL the way! Here we go!

I’m thoroughly enjoying how much fun this season seems to be having with the characters again. The last season of Legends had some great character moments, but they were very hit or miss; not a lot of consistency for me. With this second ep, the writers seem to be setting a precedent of not allowing the plot of the show to overshadow the characters as it has in the past. And I. Am. here. For. IT!

The show starts right back with The Bullet Blondes part of the Legends attempting to fix their car so they can get to NY. Behrad has some cute lines here about being more than someone who does weed all the time, and honestly, so true writers, maybe show it instead of just telling us that?? Nate decides now is a great time to beat himself up for killing Hoover, even though it was unintentional, and our great captain Sara decides it's time for him to impersonate Hoover again so they can get to NY on a train! Get back on task! Poor Gary isn’t ready for the trip though, as he is apparently having trouble digesting Hoover’s body.

Yup, hard to digest a man that did so many horrible things, huh?


If you read it closely, you can see the papers calling Avalance "sisters" sa;ldkfjkalsd

The Bullet Blondes decide that, in order to get on the train to NY, they need Nate, as Hoover, and Behrad to pretend they have arrested Sara and Ava and are turning in to the other authorities. We see Sara cuff Ava to her and then, well, Ava tells Nate her safe word is “core competency”.

Yup, you read that right, we all know Ava’s safe word now. Does this apply to erm… less suitable for work things? Well… keep reading and you’ll find out :P

Back where the last episode originally ended, Astra and Spooner and Spooner’s mom are sitting with Gideon, trying to get her to talk to them but being unsuccessful. It seems Gideon can think, but she can’t convey her thoughts in a way others can understand, and, well, accidental new mom Astra gets frustrated with this, even going so far as to state she wishes she could just plug Gideon in again and make her work. Well.. Gideon attempts just that, shocking herself, and it's awful this is what it takes for Astra to realize she needs to move past her own frustrations to help Gideon, but at least Astra gets there.

As The Bullet Blondes board the train, they end up kicking a couple out of the honeymoon suite on the train, much to the couple’s delight of assisting J. Edgar Hoover himself, and well, can you blame Sara and Ava for wanting to celebrate their new marriage a bit? Yeah, it may not be the best timing, but we all know our chaotic captains deserve some time for them!! Give us our crumbs writers, yes!! Ava and Sara use the magical key to the pocket dimension on a closet door on the train and pop on in to where Zari is still grieving John’s leave and, y’all, I absolutely loved seeing flirty and horny Avalance back on main again.

I should be embarrassed at how many times i’ve watched this moment ALONE. I didn’t hesitate at all to crumble during this scene

it's almost DISGUSTING how in love they are, god they are so lucky

It’s hysterical how Ava keeps coming down, seemingly in-between “rounds” to talk to Zari, who I absolutely ADORE her friendship with, and how the first time Ava comes down, Zari complains that she and Sara are loud, and proves it by stating directly to Ava’s face, very plainly, “Core. Competency”.


So folks, if you were wondering earlier: yes, this is Ava’s safe word during sex and yes she does use it. And yes, just because someone uses their safe word doesn’t mean something horrible happened, even married couples use safe words, as they should, so if you feel otherwise about this with the concept of safe words, come bother me on Twitter, aight? I’d like to just focus on how hilarious it is that the Legends writers continue to embrace Avalance having a kinkier sex life than most couples on TV. Mentions of them using blindfolds, impact play, and bondage in past seasons, and now handcuffs and safe words this season? Love it!

The second time Ava comes down to talk to Zari in the pocket dimension, Zari, high as heck on her brother Behrad’s cannabis gummies, begins to help Ava try to solve who blew up the Waverider. Also, side note, how the heck am I supposed to focus on anything else while Ava keeps walking around in nothing but a white dress shirt and her own golden locks? I mean, seriously, is it like normal to be able to function while seeing this or something? Cause couldn’t be me.

Not only do I want to be sedated, I NEED to be

Anyways, there’s one name on one bottle that Ava points out could be a suspect, and while Zari doesn’t think (or want it) to be that person/being, Ava thinks they still have to consider it. But guess what? WE DON'T SEE THE NAME ON THIS BOTTLE OF COURSE! GAH!

Back on the train, Nate, Behrad, and Gary do a lot of historical shenanigans talk that honestly, I don’t remember much of, other than things go sideways and people figure out they are not who they are pretending to be. As things hit an all-time high of panic, Behrad and Gary call in to Ava, Zari, and Sara in the pocket dimension, saying they need help out in the 1920s- because Nate has been kidnapped by Al Capone’s men. Yup, back to Al Capone bby, Season 2 flashback anyone???? (I think I got the right season…)

So, the ladies come back to save the boys, of course, and all starts to calm down, until… J EDGAR HOOVER IS BACK?? HE’S ALIVE??? WHAT????? Well, you know what this means… shootout!!! As Al Capone’s men try to kill Hoover, the Legends hide and watch Hoover take out ALL of Capone’s men, and eventually, Sara ends the chaos by taking down Hoover herself. Well, guess what, folks, last season it was aliens, this season it’s that name, or rather word we didn’t see on the bottle earlier with Ava and Zari….

ITS ROBOTS!!!! ROBOTS ARE THIS SEASON OF LEGENDS! And, apparently, someone is replacing people in the timeline with them. Wild!!

If that wasn’t enough to keep you curious at the end peeps, we end the episode with Astra using her magic to heal Gideon, making her able to talk again! And with her voice, comes a terrible command and warning: Astra, Spooner, and Gideon must catch up to the other Legends in NY, or ALL THE LEGENDS WILL DIE! GASP!!

Just writing the recap for this episode has got me SO PUMPED for tonight’s episode of Legends of tomorrow, 7x03! Will we meet Matt Ryan’s new character tonight? Will we see more robots? Will we see how the rest of the team reacts to Gideon being alive and in the flesh? I can’t wait to find out with the rest of y’all at 8pmET TONIGHT! Come yell with me about it on Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi!

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