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Legends of Tomorrow Recap! 7x01

God, it’s great to have The Legends back, and so quickly too! Within a month of season 6 ending, Season 7 came back to our screens, and man did it come back with a wonderful vengeance! Before tonight’s ep (Oct. 27), let’s recap what craziness has been happening this season, starting with the season opener!

First off… Constantine is now off the show for the first time since season 3. And… I love John Constantine as a character. I really do. Because I love him so much, I’m a firm believer in the essence of his character… Constantine is not a team player. The only team I’ve ever felt he belongs on is the Justice League Dark, and even then… he’s still not meant to always be on a team. That said… I am SO glad John Constantine is off Legends. Whereas John does best on his lonesome, being in the darkness and shadows all the time… The Legends do their best in the chaos, in finding the light amongst the darkness. Now that John is off the show, not only can his character hopefully flourish on the (still?) upcoming Justice League Dark HBO Max Series,

but The Legends can fall back into their natural chaos without impediment!

At the start of 7x01, the team is trying to figure out how to get out of the 1920’s since last season the Waverider was well.. Blown up! And Gideon with it! Welp! First, the Legends try to use Nate’s time courier to get onto the Waverider, but that doesn’t work because the battery is dead (even time travelers have real first world problems), causing Ava and Sara to take sides they haven’t in a while- Sara is all “we’re gonna figure this out, we got this!” while Ava panics and fixates on how the timeline must remain intact. Honestly, I love seeing this playful banter between them again.

This playful banter, this “opposites attract” between Avalance is a huge part of the appeal of their relationship; It’s been missed the last season or two! In particular, it’s nice to see Ava being a bit more “uncomfortable” again- part of the fun of Ava’s character is that she’s usually awful at keeping her composure, and Jes Macallan ALWAYS makes this way more entertaining than one would think it could be! Her attention to physical comedy is impeccable. It’s also so wonderful because while Ava freaks out, Sara is always there to catch her, to help calm her and ground her, and god I’m a sucker for this dynamic. Ava helps Sara too, but god Sara really is the perfect fia- WIFE! THEY ARE WIVES, EVERYONE! WE WON GAYS, WE WON!!

So, what grand plan does the team come up with? Well, the team eventually decides on creating a fake circus to talk up to the town to delay suspicion of all the alien stuff that happened in the previous season, while Nate and Ava go off to steal a safe that flew out of the Waverider when it was originally blown up, of course! This plan is totally full proof because Nate is impersonating J. Edgar Hoover- nothing can go wrong, right? Of course, this plan backfires; the fake circus draws more attention to their chaos rather than distracting from it, so Spooner requests the team stop for the sake of protecting her mother. But.. Nate and Ava are successful at stealing the safe that should have the time courier they need! Woohoo! Wouldn’t that just be convenient if that solved all their problems?? Welp, you guessed it friends- nothing is ever that convenient for the Legends. When they open the stolen safe, there’s no Time Courier in it- just a note from Mick and a Time Bureau manual.

This show doesn't get enough credit for how great the directors are! Look at this shot??

While the team begins panicking over their failed plan, Astra obsesses over how she has to find a way to make herself “more useful” with her magic. She wants to bring back the Waverider at any cost. Eventually, she uses magic to try to piece the Waverider together, specifically, to “resurrect” it. She is unsuccessful though, and there are some great moments between Spooner and Astra in this episode, particularly where Spooner sits at Astra’s bedside shortly after Astra’s magical attempt, telling her she can’t do things like that. Um, GAY?? GAY???? Legends, we can have more than one not-straight couple ya know!?!

Call me beep me cause my gay-dar is going off!

..So now, back in Spooner’s mom’s house, where Astra is recovering from the spell she attempted, and the Legends are trying to figure out what to do next, J. Edgar Hoover has gotten wind of the stolen safe and shows up at Spooner’s mom’s house. In order to hide, the Legends use the key that John Constantine gave Zari at the end of the last season on a closet door and.. It leads to a pocket dimension! One that looks just like John’s house! Apparently, they can use this key in any door to access it! I wonder what this could be used for later?? ;)

With this discovery, Zari decides to hide out in the pocket dimension and continue to mope about John’s leave while the rest of the Legends go back out into the 1920s. Ava and Sara have another great scene where Ava is panicking and Sara brings her down as gently as she can. God, thank you for all this Avalance content, writers!

I am SOFT for forehead kisses D:

The team regroups and a new plan forms: go find a scientist in New York that can help them. Of course, this scientist just happens to be Matt Ryan’s, who played Constantine previously, new character. But how do they get to NY with J. Edgar Hoover hot on their tail?

Well, after Sara convinces Ava by promising her she can make a list of all the problems they cause on the timeline and cross them out later (god it’s so ridiculusly cute how Sara knows and embraces all of Ava’s low-key neurotic tendencies), Ava and the rest of the team agree to embrace being the criminals Hoover considers them to be and go rob a bank! You guessed it; Ava and Sara are about to rob a bank while Nate and Behrad assist in guard watch. BE GAY DO CRIME!!

I'll never be over the way Sara just KNOWS Ava

The way Ava wants to be mad at Sara for knowing so well but can't truly be ;ldkajfla

Seriously, if Ava and Sara didn’t make this scene hot enough just by looking as good as they did, the music overlaid during this scene did. MY GOD FULL PROPS TO WHOEVER PICKED THE MUSIC FOR THIS SCENE, PICK ALL THE MUSIC THINGS FOREVER PLS

take WHATEVER you want from me ma'ams

God I am NOT your strongest Bi

I’m so sorry but the Avalance content was too hilarious this episode- while robbing the bank, Ava demands the Bank teller only give them $93.65 and Sara is like, what the heck?? And Ava's only reply is YOU PROMISED I COULD DO IT MY WAY THIS IS WE NEED TO GET TO NY OKAY BABE and, my god, Sara’s face afterward? Jes Macallan isn’t the only one great at physical comedy- full props to Caity Lotz capturing the perfect face of utter annoyance in the most loving way possible. Priceless!

lmao Sara's pout, pls

If you think that’s ALL the chaos that is happening, oh no. While Ava and Sara are robbing the bank, Nate and Behrad are outside standing guard, and they have one of the most hilarious conversations with a townswoman who insists that they need a good gang name. WHILE THEY ARE ROBBING A BANK! Eventually, after a few minutes of humorous back and forth, they settle on The Bullet Blondes, and as Ava and Sara leave the bank with Nate and Behrad, the townswoman eggs the rest of the townspeople to cheer them on as The Bullet Blondes make their perfect getaway!

This is what us chaotics bi's look like on a daily basis l;akjdfklasd

We all know a season opener can’t end that easily though! As they attempt to escape, Hoover catches up to them and, even after trying to avoid it, the team ends up accidentally injuring Hoover. Worried he’s dead, the team gets right over Hoover’s body to examine him, but it turns out he’s not dead- not yet at least. Just as Ava feels the sweet relief of the timeline not being completely ruined, Hoover sits up to shoot Nate and, in order to protect himself, Nate steels up, causing the bullet shot at him to ricochet and hit Hoover instead. Welp, now Hoover IS dead folks, and Ava is on the ground in absolute FULL panic mode

“I want to die, goodbye, goodbye” GIRL what a mood

And folks, here it is, it's finally here, the grand finale of the chaos of this rioting season opener. If you’ve stuck around this long, I promise you, you’ve made the right decision, because as Sara tries to ground Ava by reminding her of the proper honeymoon they will take once they are out of the 1920s, where they can sit on a beach and listen to Ava’s podcast Stabcast (I’m not making this up y’all but I’m laughing as I type it), Ava suddenly sits up with renewed purpose. There’s a dead body, a murder that has occurred, and in order to get through this, they need to think like the serial killers Ava obsesses over!

Y’all, not only is it hilarious hearing Ava tell Gary, who we found out last season is an alien, to EAT J EDGAR HOOVERS BODY TO HIDE THE EVIDENCE, it’s beyond hilarious watching Sara Lance herself be turned on as hell by how into this serial killer mindset Ava is. Old ways die hard, huh Sara? ;)

I mean, can you blame Sara? How do I get in line for this wonderful opportunity Gary was given to be manhandled by Ava???


So, folks, this episode of Legends ends with Gary eating J. Edgar Hoover himself and Astra and Spooner, back at Spooner’s mom’s house, finding out that, well.. Astra’s spell wasn’t completely unsuccessful after all, because…


Can't wait to see Sara die over how hot she is, AGAIN :D

If you keep up with the show and behind-the-scenes stuff, you knew like I did that Gideon was coming, but god was it so validating to see her come back right in the season opener!

I absolutely LOVED this episode!!! If you watched it, what did you think of it? If you didn’t watch it… how crazy does this recap sound with no other context? Let me know on my Twitter @FriendlyNBHDBi, and check out my recap on 7x02 and the rest of season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow!

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