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Legends Of Tomorrow 6x06 - Bishop's Gambit Recap

holy. forking. sh*t. We were ALL right. The Legends writers played us in all the best and worst ways! (But it definitely feels like the worst right now)

Buckle up Legends, because if you thought you knew what was happening, then you're not ready for what's ACTUALLY happening. We are getting right into it!

This episode starts off right where it ended: Sara confronts Bishop and immediately declares that she killed him- more specifically, she snapped his neck! We find out from Bishop himself that he has cloned himself, like the Ava Clones, but NOT- as he insists. Whereas the Ava Clones are numbered, Bishop only clones himself one at a time. He also makes sure to get rid of any physical imperfections, such as scars, while retaining all memories. Sara pushes back against him, as expected, and he locks her back up in her room, handcuffed and all.

This dude has NO right to have good hands

Meanwhile, Mick and Kayla (the alien, you know, Gary's ex) are still on the planet. Kayla is desperate to get a fuel cell, steal the Waverider, and get off the planet, while Mick wants to find Sara, get the fuel cell, and get out of there. Mick and her end up splitting up and, as we see later, this was of course a terrible idea.

That moment where you realize these two f*ck by the end of this ep

As Mick tries to do his best alone, the rest of the Legends are back at Casa Constantine. Most of the Legends are goofing off in their own ways while Ava is trying to hook up Gideon so they can still continue to try to find Sara together. The team ends up tracking down someone who used the name Sara Lance to check into a mental facility back in the timeline, and sure enough, it's Amelia Earhart, or whatever creature took over her. Man, watching Ava get her hopes up thinking she might see Sara as Amelia turned around? That was hard. If that had been Sara, even if she wasn't mentally okay, Ava still would've taken it, because she would've had Sara back in some way. Excuse me while I go cry in the club STAT.

You all putting up with my screaming in these recaps and on Twitter

Back with Sara, we see her moving throughout her room and, wow, she finally notices a camera! I was surprised it took her so long, with her former assassin training and all, but at least she noticed and covered it- especially because GARY, in his alien form, just SHOWS UP THROUGH THE TOILET IN HER ROOM! That's right, Gary was swimming through the pipes, where he BELONGS after all the sh*t he's put Sara through. Yes, that's right, not even all the Legends, just Sara. Gah. Gary, everything is your fault. That said, Gary does come through and offer to help Sara, and meaningfully so, while Sara decides to try to flatter and brown nose Bishop so he will think she's on his side. Surprisingly, it works- I would've thought Bishop would've seen right through her act, but I think he was just so desperate to have another person that he considers equivalent to himself on his side. It really is a shame how he doesn't see the Ava Clones as their own individual selves, am I right?

I love having Flirty Sara for a bit, but at what cost?

As Kayla is running around on her own, she finds the fuel cell, and Gary trying to steal it. Calling him the biggest idiot in the universe, she calls out "intruder!" to the Ava Clones and, well, gets him captured. As much as this slowed saving Sara, I couldn't help but still give Kayla brownie points for this, because Gary truly IS the biggest idiot in the universe.

Back with the Legends, we see that of course, they have taken Amelia to Constantine's house, disguising themselves as mental ward nurses trying to help her. The most important thing that comes out of this interaction is that Spooner can speak the alien's language. That is INCREDIBLY troubling. Is she becoming an alien over time? Is that even possible? To add insult to injury, we see Ava becoming more and more desperate to find Sara. God, I can't take much more of this! Will they find Sara soon, PLEASE? My heart is in shambles!

this has major "I WANT MY WIFE BACK!" energy circa Mystique

Amelia isn't talking and no one is okay with it, especially Ava. They decide to take her to the Waverider and have Astra perform a spell on her to try to get the memories out of her unwillingly. The team questions why Astra is doing it and not John, alerting us viewers to the fact that they don't know John isn't a master sorcerer anymore. Astra does the spell, with great success at first: we discover that this WAS Amelia Earhart and that when she went on her flight, she was abducted and experimented on, and that as time went on, the alien (seemingly inside her) started to take over her. Amelia lost the fight. We see that Amelia-Alien DID see Sara- but that's not enough information to find her off of. Astra tries to get more, but the spell goes too far, knocking Astra out AND releasing the alien inside of Amelia completely. Amelia-Alien is in FULL form now and they have to lock it up in the lab. Good GRIEF. Too much already, am I right?

I think Lady Gaga said "rah, rah, ah ah ah" a few too many times

As all this is happening, Mick is still on the planet, as is Kayla, but Mick gets captured by the Ava Clones. Bishop is alerted to his presence by an Ava Clone, and once he is, he orders the Ava Clone nearest to him to take down the barrier that protected them all from the toxic environment of the planet. The Ava Clone is hesitant at first, not wanting to kill her fellow clones, but does it regretfully. Gosh, I want to get all these clones a hug! The Ava Clones with Mick leave him tied to a tree, as the barrier goes down, but he eventually escapes AND with the gas mask he brought for himself. Mick may be himself, but he is a survivor at heart. Gary manages to save one of the Ava Clones outside and brings her back into the Ava Clones on the inside, and as one of the Ava Clones tries to kill him, the saved Ava Clone stops her, calling Gary a hero. Well, at least Gary did SOMETHING right. No, I don't want to talk about one of the Ava Clones hitting on Gary soon after, I'd rather talk about how the Ava Clones are all going to be their own people by the end of this season!! Right? Please?

Spooner is back on the Waverider drinking and worrying about what's going to happen to her. Now that she knows Amelia was herself and that an alien got to her, is that going to happen to her? How long until it does and is there any way to stop it? Behrad has a nice pep talk with her about focusing on the present, which is nice, but I couldn't help but be reminded of past scenes where Sara talked about how she could never see the future and that hurt her growth as a person. She had to learn that planning for the future was okay, otherwise, she would've never wanted to propose to Ava, right? I wonder if that's similar with Behrad; he's so traumatized by his past and so terrified of his future that he can't possibly be anywhere but the present- it's why he self-medicates. I hope to see more on his growth as a character in future episodes.

PLEASE give my boy Behrad some character development. PLEASE!

BUT I digress- after this talk, Spooner goes in to talk to Amelia-Alien, and let's just say there are words said and hands and tentacles thrown, but what's most important here is this: Ava shoots Amelia-Alien and kills it before it can kill Spooner, which is good, but the worst part is this: Amelia-Alien says she killed Sara Lance. Like, actually killed her. And Spooner tells Ava this and Ava starts bawling.

goodBYE are you kidding me?? PAIN

WHAT??! WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Sara is right there!! There's no way she could've been killed! Sara, get back to your fiance and let her know you're still alive- right? STILL alive??

Well, folks, Mick finds Kayla on the planet, they switch off using the gas mask, take the fuel cell to her ship, try to set it up, get trapped in it when other aliens attack, so they trap themselves in a pod on the ship and then they decide to have tentacle sex. Yup, you heard me, and yup, I said it that fast, because we need to get back to what just happened:

Amelia-Alien said she killed Sara. This can't be possible, right?

Well, back with Sara, Bishop has taken her up on their partnership and they are having a nice dinner together, or well, trying too. That is until Bishop announces that Mick is on the planet and that he is now dying since Bishop ordered the barrier to be taken down. Sara, being the protective friend she is, immediately starts seeing red, and completely backtracks on her plan to play nice and beats Bishop within about 5 inches of his life, dragging him off to his own little lab. She claims that she is going to make sure Bishop can never come back again and Bishop begins to taunt her- doesn't she hate the scars on her body and all her other physical imperfections? In pure heroic Sara fashion, Sara reminds him how she's learned from her scars and how they are a memory of how far she's come.

And here's where we got got, Legends fam.

Right after Sara said all that, Bishop himself had the nerve to say this:

"But Sara, I don't see any scars on you?"


Because y'all, I screamed.

The last thing we see in this episode is Sara walking over to a table, pulling up a black sheet, and looking at HER dead body, with all her scars.

Amelia-Alien DID kill her. And Bishop cloned her.


(Not again!!)

Well, I guess there's one good thing about this:

Once Ava realizes Sara's alive and they are back in each other's arms, they can be clone wives together?!??! yay?!?

This is why she wasn't wearing her rings- they are on her old body!

F in the chat y'all. Wow. This episode really was the craziest field trip I've ever been on and that's saying something on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

I'm so terrified to see how broken Ava is next episode because I could barely handle the 5 seconds we saw after Spooner told her Amelia-Alien killed her. F*ck.

I'm also wondering if Sara now being a clone of herself is impacting her bloodlust. As I heavily mentioned and screamed about in the last episode's recap, Sara KILLED Bishop last episode or at least one version of himself. Sara hasn't killed since season one of Legends. What if her bloodlust is out of check again, especially if the spell Constantine originally used on her to help didn't carry over? Now, remember, Sara had to overcome her bloodlust herself, even with Constantine's spell, but what if she doesn't have that to help? What if she has to get over her bloodlust all over again?

God, I'm not okay. This isn't what we meant by "bring back the Ava Clones", Legends writers! This isn't what we meant! I'm terrified but I have to see what happens next and, as much as I'm panicking, this content is so. damn. good!

I'm sure you all can tell I'm still a wreck, so hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you thought of the ep! Legends Of Tomorrow has upped their crazy again and I'm here for it!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi gives Legends Of Tomorrow 6x06 - Bishop's Gambit:

4 out of 5 finger guns (filled with tears as ammo)

(because I’m bi. and I'm crying.)

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