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On another fantastic episode of The Wednesday Guest List, Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi, Lauren, is joined by Ruben Romero, creator of the magical, fantastical story THE ILLUSION WITCH!

"The Illusion Witch Tells the adventure of Aadya Locke, a celebrated illusionist that is reluctantly pulled into a breathtaking world of real magic. This story will capture the spirit of self-discovery, confronting inner demons, and saving a lost world through the most powerful magic there is: Love and Family."

Originally funded through Kickstarter, the first 3 issues are being published by Behemoth Comics! Release date to your LCS is June 15th!

But guess what?? There's already a current Kickstarter running for issues 4 and 5!!!!

Need your copy now?!? I know I do!! Take a listen below and find out more as Ruben talks all about the world of Saari, Aadya, and how personal this fantastical story is for him!

Final Order Cut-Off date (FOC) is May 15th! Get those orders in so you're guaranteed a copy and support amazing creators like Ruben!

If you want to get copies at your LCS, pick up your copies published by Behemoth on June 15th!

However, if you want to get issues 4 and 5 before everyone else, AND get Kickstarter exclusive covers, you MUST go check out the Kickstarter running NOW:

Support creators directly!

Find Ruben Romero on Twitter: @RubenTheWriter

You can find Your Friendly Neighborhood Bi, Lauren, at all her links here:

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