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Interview with Phillip Maira, PURPLE EYES KICKSTARTER!

On a new episode of The Wednesday Guest List, I sat down with the rad comic creator, Phillip Maira!

The Kickstarter for PURPLE EYES launches Tuesday, May 10th!

"What would you do with less than an hour and a half left to live? The best creators in indie comics bring you tales of humor, heartache, & humility. Welcome to Purple Eyes- 18 stories, 33 creators, 73 minutes left to live!"

Pre-Save on #Kickstarter

"This anthology is an expansion of a story that the wonderful Sean Dicker, the amazing Justin Birch, and myself created. You can read the full story at the below Dropbox link. Please note, the story is mostly in black & white. This fits the tone and emotion for our story. The anthology will be in full color. It’s up to the creative teams how they want to explore and present this world."

Original Story:

Thanks so much to Phillip for chatting with me!


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