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Have you been looking for an amazing horror comic book? An amazing noir comic book? Fear not, because DISCORDIA is here and it fits both those genres- and even more!

What is Discordia?

From Dark Tidings Press, Discordia is a noir horror series that focuses on building a world of many stories, horrors, and monsters! I'm personally a HUGE fan of this series; I just recently got my own copies of the first few issues in as my rewards for backing their Kickstarters! Take a look at some of the beautiful SIGNED copies I got:

Yup, Discordia has been funded through 5 successful Kickstarters so far! Holy crap! Each and everyone has been absolutely worth it and they have their next one going right now! I believe this series is one of the best comic lines out right now and there are far too many people missing out, so I sat down with creators Kris Jerome and Patrick Buermeyer to talk about Discordia, what it is, and why you should back the current campaign TODAY!

Check out the interview below and then go back Discordia Issue #2 on Kickstarter HERE!

(If you missed out on previous issues, you can get them here too!)

Official Discordia Site:

Official Discordia Twitter:

Kris Jerome, Writer of Discordia:

Patrick Buermeyer, Artist of Discordia:

Official Kickstarter Synopsis:

"Discordia is the name given to the continent of Odessa that was formerly controlled by the Concord, a fascist empire that united the people of Odessa against the monsters that plagued their world. After its mysterious downfall, reality seemed to shift in the provinces of the Concord, leading to even more horrific monstrosities than ever existed before."

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