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Interview: Travis Gibb, GRANITE STATE PUNK!

Looking for punk, historical fiction, and horror all wrapped into ONE amazing comic? Look no further than Granite State Punk from Travis Gibb, Patrick Buermeyer, and more!

"This is the greatest thing I've done. If you back anything of mine, this is the one!" - Travis Gibb

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Writer Travis Gibb to talk ALL about this amazing Kickstarter! With only two days left in the campaign as of Feb. 15 2022, now is the time to BACK BACK BACK!

"This KICKSTARTER is for the 1ST ISSUE of BRAND NEW SERIES. This all-new comic book One-Shot is for mature readers only! If you like PUNK ROCK, WITCHES, LARGE-ASS BONE GOLEMS, and HISTORICAL FICTION, this is the Kickstarter for you!!"

Check out the full interview below and on our Youtube channel!

Check out the Kickstarter page for GRANITE STATE PUNK here:

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