Image Reviews by JoeLovesComics | 21st July

Curious to know what some of the new Image issues releasing this week are like? Look no further than the latest installment of this segment!

The issues covered this week are:

  • Home Sick Pilots #7

  • Home #4

  • Radiant Black #6

  • Shadecraft #5

  • Time Before Time #3

  • Syphon #1

  • Undiscovered Country #14

  • M.O.M: Mother of Madness #1

All reviews will be spoiler free.

Home Sick Pilots #7

So here's the thing. Normally I just read the advance pdfs I want to read in alphabetical order. So technically that would mean Home #4 before this. But I was so excited for another issue of series that when I peeked at the first page, the biggest smile appeared on my face and there was no turning back.

I really don't want to spoil it, to make sure you can hopefully have that same reaction too. But what I will say is that if you were put off by the previous issue, but enjoyed the first arc, DON'T MISS THIS!

Am I hyping this issue up too much? Well, that's for you to decide when you read it. But to continue, it might have been one of my favourite issues since the first one. A character driven issue, with lots of heart, emotion, some action and glorious art as always with this series. Something about the art style and the colours is so awesome to me, it's stylish, it's vibrant, and of course the lettering as always is on point.

Another excellent issue from easily one of my favourite series, brilliant work all round!

Home #4

The penultimate issue of Home!

Man what a series this has been. Just in terms of the emotional impact. This issue picks up right from the epilogue of last issue, with ICE agents making it a top priority to bring Juan in. Like he did especially in #1, but all throughout these issues, Julio Anta nails the dialogue yet again. The way the main agent describes it as if they're hunting the deadliest serial killer alive, full of malicious intent, twisting Juan's actions when really it was either a mistake or self defence.

As teased in the solicitation, I liked the reveal of the truth of Juan's father's death. The superhero backdrop to this immigration story has been gradually peeled away with each issue and I think it's been incorporated into the story really well. The pacing was also great throughout this issue, the reveal flashback wasn't too long or drawn out, but it was given the right room to breathe, leaving plenty of space in the issue. I think this will make an excellent trade. As always the art had that soft animated feel to it, like on the cover and the lettering was super nice as well. I feel like I want to say more, but want to keep this spoiler free so I'll just wrap it up.

Overall, another great issue, with great moments for Juan, great art, lettering and as the end of the issue starts to bring everything to a head I can't wait to see how this series ends.

Radiant Black #6

I've seen a lot of mixed opinions about this series. The first few issues were mediocre to some but enjoyable to others (like me), and then the big twist at the end of #4 divided people further. I suspect this is going to be another one of those issues.

Personally, I really liked it. Radiant Red was introduced way back on the final page #1 so it was nice to finally get some backstory on them. If you're more into action focused issues then this might not be for you. But there was some great character work here providing some depth to the person underneath the suit of Radiant Red.

The guest creators on ths book all did a great job. Cherish Chen co-writing the issue with Kyle Higgins, and Darko Lafuente and Miquel Muerto on the art and colours. I love Muerto's work on Something is Killing The Children, so it was cool to see their work here. Sometimes having guest art can be jarring, but here the change in art really suited the change in pace of the story and the focus on the origin of Radiant Red. Great work on the more grounded scenes, but still vibrant and dynamic when it needed to be.

Overall, still loving this series, a nice origin issue with some great guest art, excited to see where the new arc goes starting next issue!

Shadecraft #5

First of all, I have to say that cover is simply awesome. The scale of Zadie against the big shadow, her yellow jacket pops really well against it. So does the pink font for the title and in general the grey-blue background just all creates a really nice contrast.

But anyway, the issue itself. I've really enjoyed this series, I've said before it has a certain charm to it, and continues into this issue. The first arc is wrapped up in a satisfying way, with a perfect balance of action and character moments. I absolutely adored the art in this issue, the style this whole series has been so fluid and nails the texture of the shadows so perfectly. This issue they're used brilliantly for the climatic action scenes, but I just love in general how the colouring really pops, like I said on the cover how the yellow and pink stands out really well against the shadow.

Then honestly the ending of the issue does exactly what a first arc ending should do. It was satisfying enough for now, but still leaves a couple of plot threads open to hopefully come back to at some point in the future. When #1 came out, a TV show had been announced a few weeks before, so it was easy to be cynical. But this was lots of fun, definitely an enjoyable and worthwhile read!