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Image/Boom! Reviews by JoeLovesComics | 1st December

Curious to know what some of the new Image/Boom! issues that came out this week were like? Look no further than the latest edition of this segment.


The issues covered this week are:

  • Department of Truth #14

  • The Me You Love in the Dark #5

  • Once & Future #22

  • Spawn #324

All reviews will be spoiler free.


Department of Truth #14

Another deviation issue, but one that I thought perfectly captured the essence and the spirit behind this series and it's mythology. The phrase "fill in issue" in superhero comics normally strikes a certain amount of dread into readers, but here it's used so effectively and really nicely to expand the world and the ideas within it.

It also helps that the art style is very similar to what the regular style looks like. Here it's still painted but less in a rough scratchy way, it's much more smooth and rounded which I just thought was an interesting comparison I noticed. This just feels like everything I love about this series and the concept behind it, and without spoiling anything, that tease at the end? Perfect. Even deviating from the main story this series still continues to impress. Plus that cover is so mystifying to look at in pure Department of Truth fashion, I love it.

The Me You Love in the Dark #5

Hands down one of my favourite series of the year! While yes the route it went down was one I ultimately expected, it was executed so effectively it didn't feel generic or basic like I'd intitally worried. It felt complex, how it was developed over this whole series, the exploration of it and how it all came to a head in this issue, perfect.

Then the artwork was just incredible. It's amazing, because the style feels so animated and stylised, but that doesn't stop the colouring making it feel so full of life. It's so rich and immersive, it feels smooth and calm but there's so much detail and character to every scene. What I particularly loved is how the colouring set the atmosphere of the comic. The dark blues felt so cold, distant and lonely, making you really feel for Ro, then the oranges felt that much more emotive, you can practically feel the fire as it overtakes and drowns out the deep blue. Just simply incredible. I mean just look at that epic cover to see how awesome the artwork is, so good!

An epic, well rounded conclusion to a series that is not to be missed when the trade comes out!

Once & Future #22

I didn't leave a review for the last issue as I didn't feel like I had anything new to say, but man I just had to mention this issue had everything I love and adore about this series. Dramatic action scenes, absolutely spectacular art, seriously the art in this series is incredible! The colouring is so bright and vibrant it makes the art feels so animated and just brings it to life in a way that feels so deep and rich I adore it.

We get to see a bit of everyone, from the main characters out and about, the ones back at the castle literally holding down the fort, the developments in Camelot, the plot is moving along in awesome fashion and that ending? So excited to see what the next issue is going to bring. This series is just so much fun and one you should absolutely check out if you haven't already.

Spawn #324

For the last few issues, admittedly Spawn has felt somewhat inconsequential, especially compared to the epicness of King Spawn and how much people have been liking Gunslinger.

But honestly I did quite enjoy this issue. I liked how it picked up on a storyline that was teased a few issues ago, it expanded on that, showed us the dynamic between a couple of the characters involved, with some nice action and an interesting tease at the end for more. Art was nice as always, loved the art especially in the dynamic and vibrant action scenes, but overall this was a solid issue that is starting to feel like it's going somewhere, I liked it.


This article was written by JoeLovesComics, who you can follow over on Twitter for (albeit shorter) thoughts on comics he loves.

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