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Monday Minute: Hulk On A Spaceship

Need I say more? It's Hulk...on a freaking spaceship!!! What more do you need to explain how great this is?! Nothing. But I'm gonna keep typing anyway.

This moment comes from the World War Hulk Prologue, which is clearly a precursor to World War Hulk, which is fantastic. Obviously you should read it. Moving on.

Hulk is angry (shocker). He is returning to Earth to conquer his enemies. The writing here is awesome and gives me chills. If you read this entire issue (but read Planet Hulk first), you will understand the gravity of this. The realization that Jen has would be basically the most troubling thing ever.

To recap: Angry Hulk. Returning to Earth to exact vengeance. On a spaceship.


Casus belli is a Latin phrase that means "an act used to justify war." Good stuff, right?

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***Originally written for, and posted by The Nerd Bunker. Modified for The Wednesday Pull List.***

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