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Monday Minute: Holy Party Crashing, Batman!

For those of you who haven't read Batman: Year One, you are really missing out. Frank Miller has influenced Batman in a major way, and Year One is a great look into Bruce Wayne becoming The Caped Crusader.

Now then...

This moment is found on page 14 of issue 2. Bruce has gone through the early stages of becoming Batman and is now ready to go to work.

In this particular moment, he crashes a party filled with a bunch of less-than-awesome people (the art here by David Mazzucchelli is awesome). This moment encompasses the darkness of Batman and the fear that he instills in those who do unsavory things in his city. As he puts out the light, he essentially does his version of a mic drop, likely causing everyone in the room to crap their pants. Okay, the pants-pooping thing may not be in the story, but c'mon.

Poopy pants aside, check out the moment below and read Year One. Hit up The Wednesday Pull List on social media to share your thoughts on this great moment in comics.

***This article was originally written for, and posted by The Nerd Bunker and has been modified for The Wednesday Pull List!***

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