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Hel hath no fury like a Volva scorned! A review of Seidr #1

If you remember a couple weeks back, I interviewed Michael Nunneley (which you can find here ) and I wanted to give it an honest review. Unfortunately, Seidr wasn't successful on Kickstarter and, you know, sometimes they just aren't. However, I don't necessarily think it is about this comic I just think it is more about the risks of doing a Kickstarter.

The team up of Michael Nunneley and Tosin Awosika really fit for this story. Seidr is certainly an opening story of a new series, and at times you can tell that, but it is not what you think. You have to build in some back story to get to where the story needs to go. Once you get passed that, the story takes off and it gets really good.

This story is about a Viking King that falls in love (or maybe lust) with a witch. Oops!

As far as the written word with this, Seidr does take a little bit to get to the story but honestly, once you get into the "meat" of the story, you certainly see why it had some build up to it. I kind of feels like a Hickman story...a bit of a slow burn. And, aren't those of the best stories out there?

Awosika's art, truthfully, threw me off just a little bit at first. Just seemed like a weird style to me at first. Nothing wrong with that but not exactly my cup of tea. But, once I got into the story more and saw where it was going, the art style made sense. So, if it is possible to have a slow burn artist as well as a slow burn story to tell, I think it hits perfectly.

If you want a truly indie comic, I would recommend Seidr. You should give it a shot.

I will give this 4 ales out of 5.

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