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The much-anticipated Marvel Series Hawkeye released its first two episodes today! How were they? Are they worth the wait? Does one Hawkeye outshine the other? I'm here to answer your questions with some spoiler-free thoughts!

Was It Worth The Wait?

It depends on what you expected/hoped for! This series is a holiday family show. They weren’t kidding when they advertised this as Marvel’s Home Alone. Sure, there’s no kid left “home alone”, but every other aspect of Home Alone is present in this show. Clint Barton is filled with soft, slightly-grumpy dad vibes and jokes, Kate Bishop is the young rebel who is SCREAMING to be noticed and heard, and Christmas is literally. Everywhere! You can’t escape it!

I think this is a beautiful thing, though. Based on these first two episodes, I believe this show has the potential for major rewatchability, particularly every year around the holidays.

If you’re here for the family-friendly holiday content and slight action, you’re at the right place! If you’re here for a multiverse plot that gets more complicated each episode… go back and watch Loki.

So, What About the Action?

The action is solid but pales in comparison to all the other MCU shows- so far. These first two eps serve mostly as world and character-builders, particularly for Kate Bishop. The most action we see is with her fighting off thugs and such. While it’s a great start for a fan-favorite character new to the MCU, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. That said…

Does One Hawkeye Outshine the Other?

The short answer: yes. And it’s Kate Bishop.

The first two episodes prove what most of us already knew (or at least believed). Hailee Steinfield is not only perfectly cast as Kate Bishop; she IS Kate Bishop. She steals the show every second she is on screen, and the fact that the first episode is almost entirely about her only helps that. Clint Barton may be here, but it’s clear to me that Kate Bishop will solidify herself as the new Hawkeye by the end of this series.

Kate’s backstory is solid and I appreciate that her upbringing is different from other MCU characters we have seen so far. She’s relatable and, god, is it nice having a hero in the MCU that’s not high school-aged but also not middle-aged- Kate Bishop is a crisp 22 years old and, as someone who is in her late 20’s…. It’s nice to feel more represented in the MCU. We aren’t all still in high school, folks! (looking at you, MCU Peter Parker, smh)

If you watch Hawkeye for Clint Barton, you’ll still enjoy yourself, but you’ll stay for Kate Bishop. If you watch Hawkeye for Kate Bishop.... You’ve come to this show with the correct expectations!

We Get It, You Love Kate- But How Is Clint?

Fair, fair! Clint is the scrooge that needs his heart warmed. Yes, he’s soft with his kids; he’s a great father. But, past that, he could care less about other things. He’s still dealing with the loss of Natasha and needs some hope restored. So, emo-sappy Clint Barton is here folks, and Kate Bishop and Lucky are here to remind him that his heart needs to be a bit more open again, even though it's hard.

a whole mood for all the Scrooges out there!


Yes yes, Pizza Dog is here and we love him!! He is baby!!

Okay, But Lauren, What About ROGERS THE MUSICAL?

Oh yes yes, don’t worry musical fans and nerd folk- there is quite a goofy and fun musical number of the advertised and cult-followed ROGERS THE MUSICAL that is in Hawkeye! I sure hope that song comes out on music streaming services because it’s a BOP! (and its utterly ridiculous, hehe)

Finally, Does Hawkeye Set Up Any Surprise Characters We Can Look Forward To Seeing?

YES! However, this is no spoilers, so all I can tell you is someone shows up at the end of Episode 2 that LOTS of people will be excited to see and to see so soon!

Final Thoughts

Hawkeye is an enjoyable holiday-family show where Hailee Steinfield shines as Kate Bishop. This is the Kate Bishop show, so you can either get on the train for the earliest viewing or take a nap. Hawkeye may be different from the other MCU shows, but I think it’s perfectly timed and absolutely warranted. An enjoyable show that I cannot wait to see more of!

Hawkeye episodes 1 and 2 are streaming on Disney Plus today!

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